• When: 08/03/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: ButtonCap
  • PAX: Sparkles, Griswold
  • AO: Back Blasts

As YHC awoke to his first alarm he noticed two things. First, he and his M had slept the entirety of the night, together, in their marital bed without either child interrupting, for the second night in a row. Second, he heard the dull, depressingly ever present, pitter patter of rain drops on his roof, heavy ones. He thought it would be great if He could stay in his warm fart sack next to his smoking hot M and cuddle….then he realized there would be a horde of wet PAX wondering aimlessly around Swansboro Municipal Park if he didn’t sack up for his Q, so he dressed and got that Q juice pumping once he laced up his sneakers and charged through the rain towards On-Slow County, costanza and his older brother were coming, pillbox HC’d, Maytag HC’d and said he was bringing Dollywood…..YHC was stoked.

Passing Dunkin Donuts Maytag text YHC and said he saw lightning (which is weird bc YHC lives exactly 120′ away and never saw it, could be his nanny, i don’t know) and he nor Dollywood would be coming….that’s ok, I’ve pulled that one before.

Pulling up to the parking lot, YHC saw sparkles Familiar family sedan and was excited he wouldn’t be alone. Griswold Rolls in soon after the Q and we have a party…..then we wait…..and wait….and wait…..and nobody comes. Mission Statement given for posterity’s sake and…..wait wait wait, is this Pillbox pulling in? Nope, just a woman with her dogs and more testicular fortitude than our sugar PAX. She told us we were dedicated and gave Griswold a smile that said “meet me by the see saw,” and walked off into the darkness.

We did some exercises and some running.

Griswold and Sparkles both have injured shoulders and we modified a few things for their sake. T-claps for posting even when injured, i truly appreciate the support.

Announcments were few. Lots of pax traveling and injured so prayers for that. Gris took us out in prayer.



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