• When: 03/22/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Button Cap
  • PAX: Cooter, Maytag, Barnacle, Laettner, Pill Box, Purple Rain, Griswold, Kiwi,
  • AO: Croatan High School, Rolling Stone

YHC awoke to another glorious Eastern NC morning. Having lived in Emerald Isle the end of last year he had been fartsacking the rolling stone for far to long and he was excited to be back. He was surprised to see a lot of cars and trucks when he rolled up to the Croatan Parking lot, what was going on? Had the Eastards decided to converge at the Stone this wk? Some out of towners coming to steal the ghost flag (its such a ghost flag I’ve never even seen it)? Nope, Band field trip, bummer. 1 minute, 5 minute….flawless mission statement given, some sort of disclaimer and we took a warm up lap around the parking lot to the tune of rolling bags and flute player giggles.

Stop for Conversation on Barnacles Balls and


SSH x 25 (2 Burpees)

Sun Gods F/R x 10 (2 Burpees)

Don Quixotes IC x 10

A version of an Indian Run was performed to the front parking lot. I’m afraid the western crowd cannot escape their pilgrim roots and has a hard time with functioning Indian Runs.

Stop for Bearpees

1 Burpee, 5 Bear Crawl Steps, 1 Burpee, 5 Bear Crawl continued to end of parking lot.

Repeat with 2 Burpees at each stop….By this time the moans from Purple Rain were unbearable and Griswold was ready for pickle Pounders when he heard there was a FIA convergence on Saturday so we again tried an Indian Run to the Football field (with even less success).

Start at Goal Line

Run to 75 yd line and 75 SSH, Run Back

Run to 50 yd Line and 50 Bird Man Crunch, Run back

Run to 25 and 25 Plank Jack/Half Burpee (groiner?) , Run Back

Run to 10 and 10 Burpees, Bear Crawl Back


Mosey to Flags

Sumo Squat x 25

Hillbilly Squat x 20

Split squat x 10 each leg

crab Lt hand to rt foot/reverse x 10 each leg


have a nice day x 45 seconds (hippies).

COT prayer requests for the teacher at White Oak Elementary, Laettners wife and her work as a counselor, our youth being exposed to things they shouldn’t be at their age, continued prayers for Griswolds extended family. It was an honor, thanks Griswold for the invitation.

To the HIM’s headed to the Lesser Carolina for a footrace I bid Godspeed and safe travels, hopefully Jang A Lang doesn’t slow you guys down too much. Maybe they have alarm clocks for purchase in Charleston for Couch Potato. Also looking for safe travels for our Coopstrong crowd, Purple Rain keeps harping on the hotel bar, which is weird. Also, may there be a large turn out at our local  workouts this wknd as there will be many PAX on the road.  SYITG

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