• When: 12/22/18
  • Workout Style: Hero Patriot
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Whinnie the Pooh, The Second Mile, Crabby Englishman, Cricket, Rameses, Lassie, Shroom, Plunger, Xbox, Pele, Bayliner
  • AO: Hero Patriot

What a great morning for F3 and the Hero Patriot- Cool weather, some wind and NO RAIN!  I was not really fired up about going this morning until I pulled into the parking lot and saw that we still had some guys in town-  It was awesome to have everyone show up this morning and as usual on Saturdays, the effort and mumblechatter were both strong.

We started of with a mosey to the front of the school for warmarama-

SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Reverse Sun Gods, rt over lt, lt over rt, and willie mays hayes

With everyone being good and loose, we took off for the track.  We started with a lap around the truck Lt Dannning the end zones and running the straight aways.  After 1 lap, we did the following:

WW1’s x 20  then Bleacher Snake

Mountain Climbers x 20 then Bleacher Snake

Merkins x 20 then Bleacher Snake

Run another Lt Dan Lap and back for….

LBC x 20 then bleacher snake

Wojo Squats x 20 then bleacher snake

Carolina Dry docks x 20 then bleacher snake

Run another Lt Dan Lap and back for ….

American Hammer x 20 then Bleacher snake and then we kept running bleacher snakes until it was time for a hard Stop- not sure how many we did but it was enough.

Prayer Requests:  John Jenkins, Trailerhouse and his family with the passing of his Mom

Today’s workout will certainly not go down as one of the hardest physically, but it was one of the most interesting because we were able to find out some really cool things about the PAX that showed up today.  We did not have any 10 second counts today during the workout, but what we did have is Christmas time as each person was given an opportunity to share the best gift they ever gave someone at Christmas to someone.  We did this throughout the workout and yes, it did provide a chance to catch our breath, but it was also really cool to hear everyone’s story and memories from the past.  As you can imagine, some of the stories were very personal and involved an emotional attachment to a loved one, and then some were just funny and made you laugh….a lot!  Thank you to all of you for sharing your story (sorry The Second Mile for waiting until everyone had left to ask you to share your story).  Christmas is a special time of year and often brings back so many memories, mostly good, some maybe not good, some of loved ones that are no longer with us and probably some of young ones who have just joined us.  I am hopeful that everyone has a Merry Christmas and that you are able to make your own memories this Christmas that will last a lifetime- Bayliner

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