• When: 1/19/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Frosted Flake
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench , Winnie the Poo, Newman, Denver, X-box, The 2nd Mile
  • AO: Back Blasts

I hoped on Slack Friday afternoon to see what the Pax was up to and  see whowas Qing the Hero. To my surprise it was open so I thought let’s step up and make  it a great start to the weekend.

We gathered at 0655 and 0700 I gave the mission statement and we took off around the front of  WCHS to the parking lot for :




Cotton Pickers 10 IC

R/L 10 CT

L/R 10 Ct

Mt Climbers 25 IC

Now that everyone was warmed up we took off down the trail to the 4th light pole and started :

The Thang:

5 Burpees , 5 SSH IC

After the six was done we took back off on a Mosey to where the bench use to be on the right hand side of the trail headed east.

10 Burpees, 5 SSH IC

After you finished plank for the six. After the six was done YHC called out 15 merkins on my down.

Everyone was warm nowand the mubble chatter started to slow . 3rd stop was at the water fountain for  20 Mt climbers IC YHC and 20 LSF IC.

When everyone was done we hoped right back on the mosey to the Tennis Courts by  MCP .

Everyone on the line facing the opposite side of the court for one round of 7’s.

1st was Burpees and Seal Claps starting with 6 Burpees working you way down and on the other side 1 Seal Clap IC working your way up.

After the six was in a 10 called by Winnie.

Next was a second round of 7’s : WWI’s and Mt Climbers

After all was completed a 10 count called by Newman.

Hoped back on the Mosey back down the trail towards WCHS, We did an Indian Run half way back .

Stopped and did 15 merkins IC called out by YHC.

Then mosey at your own pace back to the beginning of the trail . After the six was in time to head to the pull up bars..

Partner up we Did 4 pull ups per partner every man did 3 rounds.

Next was 4 dips per partner everyman did 3 rounds. After the six was in we headed to the track and started doing 5 minutes of bleacher snakes with 10 minutes to go we started :

Mary dealers choice: At this point my 2.0’s showed up as they have been begging me to come to an F3 workout. They joined in for 7 different exercises and then with 2 minutes to go YHC called out one lap at your own pace so the pax took off around with Guppy leading the way. After everyone completed the lap we headed back to the shovel flag for 3.5 miles on the dot.

We ended in BOM and the Lords Prayer.

Moleskin: I didn’t want to Q but I knew someone needed to step up . Step outside your comfort zone and try something different never know how much it will help you .

Thank you for the pax for letting my 2.0’s join in it made their day .

SYITG: Frosted Flake.

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