The Green Mile Back Blast (Labor Day)

Monday, Sept. 4

QIC- Laettner

PAX- Couch Potato, Laettner

Having the opportunity to double post is always pretty cool and due to the convergence taking place at a later time, YHC figured, why not?! It is Labor Day, so why not do a little extra Laboring!

Prepared to run alone but hoping for company, YHC traveled towards Coast Guard road. Once making the turn to head over the bridge, the brights were turned on in in case a Couch Potato sighting was made. Sure enough, he was already at the other side and YHC got pumped that this would be no PAX of only 1 today!

5:30 and it was time to roll. Since CP ran around 15 miles yesterday, we kept an average of around 9 minutes a mile or so, enjoying the beautiful morning and learning a little about each other. There was a deer sighting, again as well as the running of the foxes. We got in just a tad over 5 miles this morning while making it back at the 6:15 hard stop.

Couch Potato requested we pray for those in Texas and YHC locked arms and led in prayer over those suffering and the PAX.

Days like today make F3 worth it for YHC. I maybe could have run a little faster at times (CP kept telling me to go on!) but my true growth today wasn’t the mileage or times that could have been hit. It was connecting with a brother and ultimately reaping the benefits of all 3 F’s before most even wake up. Each F3 man has a story- unique, powerful and inspiring. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Don’t stop F3ing, and keep waking up to Post. Ya never know just what’s in store for ya if ya do!

Was my pleasure to run with ya today Couch Potato. Thanks for letting me Q today Maytag. Until the next time…


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