What a relief this morning was! A steamy 38 degrees met the Pax this morning at WCHS for a little Dreadnought action. Carterico has experienced a historic freeze for the last 5 days and the thaw began yesterday afternoon. This event lifted the spirits of 11 motivated men that chose to post at the dreadnought this am. YHC arrived early to survey the gounds and to find some open green. Pavement pounding will not happen when Jang is on the Q. 4 cones were placed on the band practice field. Following a disclaimer and mission statement, we were rolling…

Rolling Warm-o-rama

Run 1 lap around the track

SSH x 15

Run 1 lap around the track

cotton pickers x 15

Run 1 lap around the track

wind mills x 15

Run 1 lap around the track

30 Second Down Dog

The Thang- 

#1 – Band Practice Field for a Suicide Combo

3 cones were placed on the field at 25, 50, and 75 yards. We began on the base line and did the following 4 suicide exercises, going all the way to the opposite base line each time.

  1. Regular Suicide
  2. Suicide with 5 merkins at each cone
  3. Regular Suicide with a backwards run from the first and second cone
  4. Suicide with 5 burpees at each cone and the opposite base line

After 15 minutes, we had already covered almost 2.5 miles.

#2- Jack Webb: 4 Dying Cockroach IC, 4 LSF IC (increase 4 rounds to 16)

#3 – Pull up Combo

Mosey to the pull up bars and partner up. 1 partner does 10 pull ups and LBCs until the other partner returns from running around the small building. To Gerts dismay, we did 3 rounds of this combo.

#4- 7s

Back to the band practice field we go for a round of 7s. Run to the 50 yard line for 6 burpees, back to the base line for 1 Star Jump. This continued until you reached 1 burpee at the 50 and 6 star jumps at the base line. The burn really set in here.

Mosey in front of the school back to shovel flags. As YHC called a 1 minute plank, Gert noted we were at 3.7 miles of running and wanted to make 4. Well heck yes lets do this. Gert lead the pax around the school bus lot until reaching 4 miles on his GPS watch.


Check Slack for Wednesday workouts. Rameses took us out in prayer.

This was a fairly tough workout. We never stopped and covered a lot of frozen ground. This group always shows up ready to perform and never complains. It is impressive. Many Cartericans have never posted at the Dreadnought. Do yourself a favor and show up next week. Step outside your comfort zone, the first time is the hardest time. As quoted by OBT, “We not not leave you behind, but we will not leave you where we found you. ”



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