• When: 10/28/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Water Wings, FNG (Mr. Pinky), Pasqually, Coxswain, Shaft, FNG (Bebop), The Second Mile, Shroom,
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hero Patriot

YHC arrived at the AO a little early to place some cones and recon the area. When I strolled back to the parking lot 10 minutes before start time I was a little concerned that I saw NO Pax waiting. Did YHC send out the wrong location in the preblast? Was I there early or late? After a few more minutes Shroom pulled up, “Where is everybody? Did you give the right location in the preblast?” This did not ease my mind. Eventually a van load from off pulled up followed by The Second Mile and Pasqually. WHEW! Start time and we’re off on a mosey to the front of the school where we circled up for:

SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Picker x 15 IC
Windmill x 15 IC
YHC noticed headlights speeding into the parking lot. A late arrival perhaps?
Sun Gods x 15 IC Forward/Reverse
Left over right / Right over left
During the mosey to the track, we met Shaft (right on time for Shaft). 8 Burpees for all!! The Pax continued on to the track for:

The Thang
The Pax started on the track near the scoreboard with 5 Burpees, run about 100 meters, 5 Double Merkin Burpees, run 100 meters, 5 Triple Merkin Burpees, run 100 meters, 5 Quadruple Merkin Burpees.
5 Squats, run, 10 Squats, run, 15 Squats, run, 20 Squats
5 Monkey Humpers, run, 10 Monkey Humpers, run, 15 Monkey Humpers, run, 20 Monkey Humpers
5 Box Hops, run, 10 Box Hops, run, 15 Box Hops, run, 20 Box Hops
Mosey over to the bleachers for 3 rounds of Bleacher Snakes
Mosey to under the bleachers for 3 rounds of Lat Pull-ups x 10 SC
Mosey to the practice field where YHC had set up 3 milk jugs 30 yards apart for Bermuda Triangle
Suicides with Merkins and backpeddles
Indian Run around the track and back to the parking lot for:

American Hammer x 15 IC
1 minute of Protractor

No prayer concerns were expressed so YHC took us out in prayer asking for the opportunity to be a light in a dark world and the strength to do so. Great job today guys. It was cool to have 2 FNGs out today. Thanks for the opportunity.

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