• When: 04/26/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Putin, Griswold, Tony Romo, Couch Potato (respect), Shroom, Lassie, Honky Tonk, Kiwi, Maytag, Plebe, Backsplash, Sparkles, Lunchbox, Laettner, Cooter, Pillbox (respect), Navy
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Rolling Stone

YHC barely slept a wink last night in anticipation of his VBQ.  At the appointed time (when all 4 of his alarms sounded – apologies to the M) he sprang out of bed and moseyed to Putin’s room to rouse him from his slumber in the “gentle” manner of my first Marine Corps drill instructor. Within minutes we were off to the AO to prepare the field of battle.

Griswold was already there and ready for his standard with Couch Potato.  Soon after, PAX began materializing out of the gloom one by one including some unexpected (but very welcome!) travelers from the East.  As the one minute warning sounded, the assembled PAX looked on at the collection of metal detector and stud finder coupons in giddy anticipation of what was to come.  Fist bumps, mission statement, and disclaimers over, we mosey once around the parking lot to the:


  • Right over left, left over right
  • Abe Vagoda’s IC x 20
  • (YHC Editorial Note: we performed AV’s the way Abe did them when he was younger – that’s why they were so fast)
  • Sun gods x 10 fwd & x 10 in reverse
  • Hillbillys IC x 25
  • SSH IC x 25

Mosey to the band practice field for:


Let the Omaha’s begin.  Military tacticians often talk about the “fog of war” and espouse that no good battle plan ever survives the first shot.  Despite the fact that YHC had spent hours obsessing over the plan of the day, this morning was no exception to the rule.  (OMAHA #1: Given the happy fact that 17 PAX  showed this morning instead of the anticipated 12ish, YHC’s first Omaha was to split the PAX into 8 groups instead of the intended 4 and move some coupons around to accommodate everybody.)

PAX lined up in front of their first coupon, either a metal detector – aka salt treated 4x4x8 or a stud finder – aka CMU – aka Concrete Masonry Unit – aka cinder block.  Partner 1 would start 4 count Curb up/downs with a merkin in the middle, while Partner 2 moved their coupon to the end of the practice field and back. Metal detectors were lifted and thrown “Scottish Games” style and Stud Finders were carried in any style the PAX saw fit.  Partner 2 would then tag and switch with Partner 1.  Repeat until each team completed 100 Curb up/downs with merkins.  YHC Editorial Note: Based on all the gleeful mumble chatter, it seemed that everyone enjoyed this evolution…except Shroom who continued to the bitter end to accuse YHC of soaking his 4×4 in water prior to the evolution to make it heavier than everyone else’s. All YHC noticed was that Plebe seemed to be throwing his 4×4 further than Shroom.  (OMAHA #2: Since we had one extra PAX, I created a “wildcard” position.  The wildcard would sprint a lap around the parking lot and then tag a PAX of his choice and switch places.)

Mosey to the far sideline of the football field for:


The DECK OF DEATH and the BEARKIN STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.  PAX lined up on the far side line in front of the home bleachers.  The idea behind the Deck of Death is that the PAX will perform an exercise then sprint to the opposite sideline.  The number of reps for each exercise is determined by one of the assembled PAX picking randomly from a deck of cards.  First card picked was an Ace – worth 14 burpees then a sprint to the opposite sideline.  YHC Editorial Note: Apparently, Laettner is a star athlete and not used to spending much time on the sideline during the big game.  Cooter and YHC noticed that he seemed to run onto the field much earlier than everyone else.

Next card pulled was a 10 – LBC’s and sprint back across the field to the bleachers for our first round of Bearkins.  Bearkins are a combo of bear crawls and erkins.  PAX lined up along the stairs/bleachers and bear crawled to the top performing an erkin at every step/bleacher. Return (carefully) to the bottom and repeat. YHC Editorial Note: Lassie is a beast and decided he was going to merkin the whole way UP AND DOWN the stairs!  (OMAHA #3 YHC was forced to remove a “raccoon crawl” element to this evolution because the bleachers were too wet and slippery.)

Rinse/Repeat the deck of death – bearkin circuit x3 with the following (approximate) results:

  • Six 50 yard sprints
  • Six Bearkin crawls up (and down for Lassie) the bleachers (approx. 115 erkins)
  • 25 Burpees
  • 10 Monkey Humpers
  • 35 LBC’s

Mosey back outside the athletic field gate to the gym wall for:

  • Balls to the Wall with a side clap x 10 in cadence – hold at the end while each PAX counted off to 5.
  • YHC Editorial Note: Somewhere around this time Private Joker made himself known.  He was invited to dinner and to “meet” my sister.  (Props & credits to Gunny R. Lee Ermey & the film “Full Metal Jacket”)
  • Peoples Chair hold while each PAX counted off to 5. YHC Editorial Note: apparently this was too easy for Griswold so he added air presses to the people’s chair for himself.
  • Standing Air presses in cadence x 25
  • Balls to the Wall again while each PAX counted off to 5

Mosey back the flag for:


  • WW1’s single count x 20
  • Dying Cockroach/Superman hold combo increasing reps and hold time x 5
  • American Hammer for 30 seconds AMRAP to a hard stop at 0615

Count off, Name-o-rama, Announcements: Hashmark tomorrow @ Hwy 24 side of Brandywine, Stampede & Rucky Duck in MHC, Sat Hero & FOD.

Prayer requests: Shroom asked for prayers for strength and health for some friends (forgive me Shroom for not remembering the details). Laettner asked for prayers for a student in his ministry who took his own life as well as prayers of peace and comfort the student’s family and friends. YHC note: Also pray for strength for Laettner.  He has the heavy burden of helping those in his ministry affected by this tragedy through this incredibly difficult time. Griswold’s father-in- law passed this week. Gris praised the fact that the family was able to have a meaningful discussion on faith with his father-in-law before his left us. Pray for peace and comfort for Griswold, his wife, kids and the rest of the family.

Laettner took us out in an inspiring (as always) prayer.

Final YHC Editorial Note: Aside from the time I get to spend with my family, those hours spent in service as a leader have always brought me the greatest happiness.  Whether it was leading Marines, coaching youth sports, heading up a business unit or my current role in helping college students find and train for their vocation – it gives me a meaningful sense of being a part of something bigger than myself.  I want to thank all of you men for allowing me another opportunity to truly enjoy life.   It was an absolute honor and pleasure.  Thank you to everyone for the support before, during and after my VBQ!

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