• When: 8/31/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Frosted flake, squid, barnacle, Pasquale, Ron Burgundy (respect), navy (respect), monkey wrench (respect), Ricardo, Cooter, kiwi, mooch, Farva (FNG), plunger, Griswold
  • AO: Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark, Morehead City

After rolling in from a standard, and a short countdown, the number one rule of F3 was laid out for the FNG. 1) No talking about BRR at the hashmark.   He then had to listen close to a quick disclaimer and mission statement before we were headed off down Brandywine Boulevard. First stop for Warmarama:

Hillbillies IC x10

Single leg sun gods IC X 10 each

Active hamstring stretch x 3 each

Frankensteins IC X 10

By the time we finished the first stop, Pasquale had already broken the first rule four times. It was decided to run some more so that Ron Burgundy would talk less.

Next stop: squat progression:

30” AMRAP squats, 10” al Gore, 30” AMRAP squat with heel raise, 10” al Gore, 30” AMRAP squat jump, 10” al Gore.  Rinse and repeat.  

Next stop: tennis court parking lot: 

We started with a lap of Lieutenant Burpee dans from one side of the lot to the other. Next was plank step ups on the curb IC X 15. Then we partnered up in the middle of the parking lot. Partner one performed AMRAP of an exercise while partner 2 ran the border of the lot always facing hwy 24 (forward, backwards, side shuffle each way). Tag out your partner and repeat. We completed 3 rounds of this with exercises to include: hand release Merkin, groiners, low slow flutter. We then lined up on the curb in plank position, and sideways plank walked to the center of the lot, three Burpee‘s, switch directions and complete the plank walk. 

We started the run back toward the flag with two stops:

1) Jack web of IC tempo merkins alternating with IC copperhead Squats (4,8,12,16). 

2) Ab circles IC X 10 each, Hello dolly IC X 20, 20 Merkins OYO

Back at the flag, we split the partners into two groups. Group one did 10 prisoner-ups IC, partner 2 ran to the building to do 10 plank wall walk-ups IC.  Switch, then rinse and repeat each exercise.

With only a couple minutes left, the pax circled the flag for a little Mary lead by squid, frosted, and Navy, to include: Merkens, Groiners, Freddie mercury‘s, Low slow flutters.

Hard stop at 6:15 followed by Count off, nameaRama, announcements, and prayer requests. The FNG was named according to his job, and lack of revealing anything embarrassing.  We closed in prayer today, humbled before the Lord, and asking for others to show their love for pax and coworkers who are going through some difficult trials. Have faith in Him, that He has a  plan for all of us, and that His ultimate plan will prevail.

It was a good push by the pax today, and the pax did a great job of hanging with the FNG and the six. The humidity was absolutely draining. 

YHC’s predicted preview of the hashmark proved to be true today. I don’t think I heard kiwi or plunger say a single word, except for kiwi’s typical giggle when Ron Burgundy comments on his obsession with male prisoners. Also as predicted, Pasquale and Ron Burgundy ran their mouths majority of the time… gotta’ love the mumblechatter!     Thank you for the opportunity squid.


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