The Field of Dreams Back Blast 9-9-17


Pasqually, Beesting, Maytag, Ma bell, Pigeon, Double Mint, Plebe, Griswold, Bolt 2.0, Mcmuffin, Snookie, Rupaul, Couch Potato, Birdman, Floater, Laetner, Sparkles, Purple Rain, Lassie, FNG Lady Bug, FNG Goose Butter


Glorious morning in Western Carterico!  The weather had me inspired and as more men rolled up it just added inspiration to my already lifted spirit!

After a brief disclaimer we moseyed to the soccer field for a warmarama….

SSH x 16

Seal Claps x 16

Good Mornings x 16

Cotton Pickers x 16

Windmills x 16

Sun Gods x 16

Seal Claps x 16

Reverse Sun Gods x 16

Monkey Humpers x 16

THANG 1 – Tennis Courts

Broad Jump to sideline and do 2 Merkins, Broad Jump to next sideline and do 4 Merkins etc etc.

We ended up doing 100 Merkins in about 8 minutes.  If you Broad Jumped correctly (2 feet from squat position) this was a really awesome beat down to start the workout!

THANG 2 – Soccer Field Crazy Eight

Start at pole 1 and sprint to Pole 2.  At each pole we did…..

Low Slow Flutter x 12

Dying Cockroach x 12

Burpees on the down.

We started with 2 burpees and progressively worked up till we did 20 burpees.

We sprinted between each pole.  A shout out to 2.0 Bolt who was always near the front in the sprinting part!  What a push my man!

THANG 3 – Playground

To finish the workout we did the following…

Bear Crawls – Long leg

Squats x 25

Crab Walk – Short Leg

Squats x 25


100 Merkins

100 Burpees

100 squats

240 Low Slow Flutter

240 Dying Cockroach

1.6 miles running


I don’t have the opportunity to Q as much as I used to but it is truly and enjoyable experience to get out there and watch guys push themselves as hard as they can!

Below I have attached what I consider uplifting music.  I often hear the phrase that being able to play beautiful music is a god given talent.  Often times we overlook the fact that God has given us ears to hear the music, a heart to feel the music and a spirit to love the music.  This is applicable in any thing we do.  We have been blessed with many tools to make ourselves better humans and it is our absolute duty to use these tools to become better human beings.

I am proud of all of you this morning.  Embrace this glorious day and show love as often as you can….











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