• When: 1/23/18
  • Workout Style: WIDE OPEN
  • QIC: Frosted Flake
  • PAX: Gertude, Squeeler, Crabby Englishmen, Steamer, Bay Liner, Rosey, Pastor Cleaver, Bucky, Shroom, Honk Tonk, Flip Ova, Misty, Jang-a-lang, Aflac,Deebo, Monkey Wrench, Madolf, Rameses, Lassie, Frosted Flake.
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC showed up early to walk over the grounds and check the gates and put up a few cones and check the Bleachers before the pax arrived.

Misty, Flip Ova and YHC showed up for the standard we had just enough time to get it 2+ miles .

3 minutes and 1 minute was given with a big pax and a lot of mubble chatter YHC was ready to get the boys to work.

With the mission statement given and Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith given I gave a 30 second hold for the late car.

It was time to get to work, we headed out to the front of the school with Crabby catching up to us right out the gate. Around the front of the school to the eastern side of the  parking lot for Warmarama.

SSH IC x20

Wind Mill IC X 10

Cotton Pickers IC x 10

Mount Climbers IC X 20

Sungods Fwd IC x 10 Rev IC x 10

After the warmarama we continued around the school back to the track for the start of the Thang:

2 laps race pace meet back at the pull up bars:

After the first two laps we all waited on the six as soon as the six was at the bars the next was: 10 burpees 10 Pull ups 10 Merkins

Directly after everyone was finished back on the mosey to the track race pace 2 more laps meet back at the bars for:

10 burpees, 10 Pull Ups 10 Merkins

Directly after everyone had completed the Merkins it was back to the track 1 lap race pace meet infront of the bleachers.

With no 10 counts given at the Dreadnought YHC could tell the pax was good and loose now and ready to keep digging.

We started the bleacher snakes and did 3 completed rounds before some pax shouted out it was like Cliff diving but “did you die” no.

Plank at the bottom of the steps until the six was in . After the six was in YHC called out 10 Merkins on me.

After Merkins it was time to get back on the Mosey to the band field YHC had put out 4 cones roughly 25 yards apart.

The pax lined up shoulder to shoulder facing down range everyone run to the 1st cone YHC called out 10 Mt Climbers IC x 10.

Back pedal to the start:  Run to the 2nd cone 10 Mt Climbers IC x 10 back pedal , Run to the 3rd cone 10 Mt Climbers IC X 10 back pedal, Run to the 4th cone 10 Mt Climbers IC X 10.

Directly after the six was in YHC called out the next exercise would be 10 burpees per cone side straddle back to the start . All were performed by the pax. With  time running out we hoped right back on the Mosey to the track for a pax pace for three lap cool down. After the 3 laps  we headed to the shovel flag for a 0615 hard stop.

4 miles on the nose per Gertude.

Moleskin: Outstanding job by all the pax today. It was tough it was challenging and everyone finish strong ! These boys in Carterico are not the same they were a year ago. The pace and the strength is growing very quickly. Great job by all and thank you for letting me lead. Laettner get better soon. We are praying for a quick heeling. Also keep David Hesner in your prayers as he is battling Cancer.


Flip on the Q tomorrow for the HIN , Madolf at the Squash Thursday.

YHC called out I was going to read a passage I found yesterday to the pax and end the workout with a BOM and the Lord’s Prayer:

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not be faint.


Frosted Flake:



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