It was a bittersweet morning for me as I awoke to the pounding rain outside, thunder rolling and lightning flashing as I knew that my final Q as the Site Q for the Dreadnought could be over before it started…none the less I laced up the shoes, grabbed the q card and headed west on Country Club Road. After all it was Tuesday and over the past year about 75% of the Tuesday workouts have been wet. As per the usual I rolled in early for the standard and was seriously doubting if I would get out of the truck and if anyone would show! As I pulled in the rain began to slack off and quickly graduated to stop completely…unbelievable. I took off on a 2 mile solo standard not sure what I would see when I returned. To my amazement Gertrude and Squid were patiently awaiting me when I rolled in, quickly followed by Lassie, Rameses, and Bayliner…7 total OK this will work! The good news for me was the NEW SITE Q Rameses had shown, therefore I could pass the baton as intended.

It when like this…

Disclaimer given, and off we went rounding the front of West Carteret to the driest point I could locate in the front parking lot….time for some warmarama, as we began to circle we noticed a Chevy pulling into the lot, was it a early bird bus driver….NO it was Jang-a-Lang…fresh from 10 hours of sleep and apparently about 5 minutes of awakeness before he rolled in to join us! WELCOME JANG!


Cotton Pickers X 10

Hand Release Merkins X10

Halt for five burpees in honor of Jang-a-Lang…back to the action we go!

Windmill X 10

Doublewide Merkins X10

Imperial Walkers X 10

Seal Clap Merkins X 10

Warmarama completed we mosey to the pull up bars for some fun with 11’s!!!!

11’s consisted of Pull-up’s and Freddy Mercury’s for all, Lassie said they were glorious!

When completed and avoiding the dreaded 10 count we made our way to the track for a Dreadnought staple, the CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

Lap 1: Partner A 3 Burpees while Partner B runs backward, sprint to catch and flip flop.

Lap 2: Partner a 4 Double Merkin Burpee while Partner B runs backward, sprint to catch and flip flop.

Two laps in,enough of the track, let’s head for the bike path…away we go.

At the first turn in the bike path we begin a Rack and Stack and Back with the intention of laddering up to three reps of three exercises and back down…as follows:

Stop 1: 10 Extreme Mountain Climbers

Stop 2: 10 Extreme Mountain Climbers, 20 Spider Merkins

Stop 3: 10 Extreme Mountain Climbers, 20 Spider Merkins, 30 Dying Cockroaches

Stop 4: 10 Extreme Mountain Climbers, 20 Spider Merkins

Stop 5: 10 Extreme Mountain Climbers

We reach the turn toward Swinson Park and work our way to the tennis courts as quickly as we can, at the courts its time for some Balls to the Wall, 10 count by each man, followed by 15 Aussie Mountain Climbers!!!

Quick transition to the picnic tables for one more round of 11’s…this time it’s Box Jumps and Dips. 11’s complete hard mosey back to the parking lot, time is waning quickly so no need to spare the mule!

At the parking lot Lassie is ecstatic!!!! Therefore Lassie should lead us in some Mary with his all time favorite exercise the WWI…the taste of the air was amazing and awesome!

Time expired and workout complete we circle up for namorama and announcements, YHC lead the PAX out in prayer on a wonderful, all be it wet morning.

We began the Dreadnought a year ago as a concept drawn from many individual experienced in other places, some said it wouldn’t garner support and no one would be able to Q the way we envisioned it, but the intent remained the same, create something new, push the PAX beyond their current comfort zone and elevate our Q’s with an even greater challenge! A few simple runs were created: NO 10 COUNTS (Steamer???), A MINIMUM of 2.5 miles each time, and NO beat down reps…that’s it! What we found as a result was a challenge which elevated others to push harder and to do more, I was honored to be a part of the initial phase of this adventure and I am privileged to transition the Site Q to Rameses who I know will continue to promote, elevate, and inspire the Dreadnought even farther!



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