As mornings go, this morning was special, conditions where cold but calm and we would eventually be greeted by a gorgeous Carterican sunrise breaking from the West. YHC signed up for the Dreadnought Q for today as it was my 37th birthday and what better way to start such as day than Qing with friends at a workout site which has special meaning to me.

YHC arrived early, however not as early as some as Jang a Lang, Monkey Wrench, and Squealer had already embarked on a mosey down the bike path, not deterred I set off with little time to spare and knocked out 1.75 miles of a standard. T-Claps to Frosted Flake for running all the way from Country Club East and to the prompt members of the Standard contingent who arrived back at the gathering spot shortly after I did.  By the time I rounded the corner headed back to the parking lot a sizable contingent of HIM had already arrived and were warming up for the workout to come…no tardy attendees today, Deebo is skiing!

0525: Disclaimer is given and the PAX began a mosey toward the front of the school for a quick round of Warmarama, Jang-a-Lang was exceptionally chirpy on the way out (not so much the way in), and Steamer and Frosty where engaged in a deep and riveting conversation, the subject of what I do not know.


Good Mornings X 10

Cotton Pickers X 10

HR Merkin X 10

Windmills X 10

SSH X 15

We moseyed forth toward the band field to begin the bulk of the days workout as follows.

Stations and Laps today: 7 total stations, with a goal of 3 laps (3-7)…unfortunately ambitious in design.

Station 1: Band Field

½ Pounder…Mosey to the 50 for 10 Mountain Climbers, back pedal, Mosey to the far end, 20 Freddy Mercuries

Station 2: Pull Up Bars

Partner Up:

Partner 1: 10 Dips/10 Pull Ups

Partner 2: 1 lap around the canopied building and back.

Flip Flop and repeat.

Station 3: Home Side Bleachers

What else would you do on the bleachers…1 round of bleacher snakes.

Station 4: Track

Catch me if you can.

Partner 1: Run backward.

Partner 2: 5 Spider Merkins and sprint to catch Partner 1.

Continue until one lap has been completed.

Station 5: Parking Lot

Pole Dance – 3 sets.

Sprint to the far light pole and complete the following.

5 – 8ct Body Builders

10- WWI’s

15- Dry Docks

Continue to the far side light poles for three sets.

Station 6: Side wall of the School.

Partner 1: Balls to the Wall

Partner 2: Sprint to the far side of the parking lot, 10 LBCs, and return.

Flip Flop and repeat.

Station 7: Front Parking Lot

Bear Crawl Slalom

Weave between the yellow parking bollards in the front parking lot.

Once complete with round 1 we preceded to round2, time was not on our side for another set so we decided to make one cool down lap back around the school ending up at the parking lot nearest the shovel flag.


American Hammer X 15 IC


HIN will make its triumphant return to MHCCC tomorrow, Gertrude will be leading the PAX on our old familiar grounds.

My T Sharp leads the Bells tomorrow.

Snooki continues his streak and will Q the Prometheus.

Flip-Ova will by frying up some Chicken in Beaufort.

Emerald Isle Marathon/Half Marathon/5K is Saturday, let’s have a big turnout to the Western End!

Palmetto 200 Meeting is next Tuesday, March 13th at 6:00, we need as many in attendance as possible.

YHC took the PAX out in prayer grateful to have the mental ability to get up early and to participate with this group, the physical ability to complete each workout, and the spiritual ability to grow beyond my current place through the interactions I have with each of you! Birthdays are always opportunities to give thanks for what we have and to appreciate the blessings God affords us each day, taking advantage of those small blessings and appreciating how truly blessed we are makes each of us more joyful and committed members of this community!  I personally appreciate each and every one of our brothers and the support you provide to each other every day!  We make an impact beyond what is visible, never forget that!

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