• When: 12/26/17
  • Workout Style: Long ass run
  • QIC: Lassie
  • PAX: Bayliner, Ramseas, Shroom, Gertrude, Frosted Flake, Jang a Lang, Mahdoff, Harry Potter (ENC),
  • AO: Dreadnought

After an amazing celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus, yours truly was fired up to get refocused on making myself and those that lift me up better people…..I set some lofty goals…

100 reps upper

100 rep core

100 rep legs

4 miles trotting……Well we friggin blew that out of the water!

Here is how it went down…

In a crazy eight route, we had two stops where we did the following exercises all x 20


-Diamond Merkins

-double wide merkins

-hand release merkins

-side move merkins

-ww1 situps

-birdman crunch left

-birdman crunch right

-dying cockroach




-left leg bridge raise

-right leg bridge raise

-monkey humpers.

Warm down lap.

Total loop was 3/4 mile…..each run leg was 1/4 mile.

TOTAL 4.5 miles, 100 shoulders, 100 core and 100 legs


That was impressive and I am proud of all of you.  This group continuously amazes and inspires me! And my legs hurt!




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