• When: 1/30/2019
  • Workout Style: Butt Kicker
  • QIC: Lassie
  • PAX: Frosted, Sponge Bob, Wolverine, Jang, Gertrude, Misty, Bayliner, Ramses, Steamer, Squid, Lammar, Aus Jus, Newman, Second Mile
  • AO: Dreadnought

What I like about the Dreadnought is it typically does not give you enough time in the moment to reflect about how tough it is….What i love about the Dreadnought is the immediate aftermath and the feeling you get when you know you have pushed yourself harder than normal.  Life is a lot like the Dreadnought, we get rolling and don’t find the time in the immediate to appreciate the day we are in.  I know I have been in that rut for a while.  The beauty of us is that a text from Jang, or seeing Wolverine at church, or a lunch with Shroom is all it takes to bring me back into the now.  The now that is a glorious day, the now that makes me realize I am blessed to have an incredible wife and two incredible kids, the now that allows me to work side by side with some incredible people like Lunchbox, the now that allows me to have yall in my life and last but certainly the most important, the now that allows me to try my hardest to walk a path that God has laid before my feet.  I am so appreciative of you guys and our community in general….what a blessing my life has been bestowed!

My goal today was a push that allowed the pax to keep together.  My thoughts were long runs, sprints, exercise.

Round 1

Morehead Elementary Parking Lot – run round the parking lot, do burpees x 5

Round 2

Sprint Swinson Park tennis courts, do dying cockroaches x 5

Round 3

Swinson park picnic shelter – true butt squats, sprint soccer field run backwards, do lunges x 5

Round 4

News Times Parking Lot – Sprint driveway circle, do pushups x 5

Round 5 Low slow flutter into indian run finale

Per Gerts watch we did 4.1 miles.  Others said 3.85.  We will go with 3.95.


Great job fellas!

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