• When: 5/10/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Frosted Flake
  • PAX: Misty, Pocahontas, Lassie, Big (Med) Mic, Suitcase, Bed Sore, Blue Cross, Deebo, Crabby Englsihmen, Buckeye, Monkey Wrench, Steamer, Meemee, Aflac, Holiday Mansion
  • AO: Back Blasts


I arrived at Rotary Park to get in a little standard and to survey the grounds this morning before the pac arrived. I wasn’t in a parking spot and a monster truck pulled in behind me . It was the one the only Monkey Wrench. We both took off around the loop of the grounds we made 2 laps for the pax arrived. Great work this morning Monkey Wrench. As the pax started to circle up  5, 3, and 2 minutes were called out. 0530 the mission of F3 was recited and looked around with no FNG’s it was time to get it on. We headed out across the complex to the baseball field parking lot for:


SSH IC x 20, Wind Mill IC X 10, Cotton Pickers IC X 10, Seal Clap IC x 20


We headed over to the western soccer field facing the apartments every man on the line . YHC instructed every time you come to the midfield line or corner stop and perform the exercise called out.

All the way around the field stopping at midfield, corner,corner,midfield,corner, and corner.

We preformed the following 10 Merkins X 6 stops for 60 and one lap. Planked until the six was in .

Next was Carolina dry docks 10 x 6 stops for 60 reps and one lap . Planked until the six was in . Since the pax was in the plank YHC called out 10 merkins.

Headed over to the wall for inverted Mt Climbers every man with a four count Mt Climber down the line with a balls to the wall and then when your turn 4 CT inverted Mt. Climber.

After the last man was done the pax ran around the closest light pole and back on the wall. YHC had everyone get up and called out 4 Ct inverted Mt Climber to a 10 ct.

Back to the field for round 2.

LSF were performed IC X 10 X6 stops for 240 single count flutters.

Next rep was WWI X 10 X 6 stops for 60 WWI’s.

After the six was in the 2nd part of the Thang was partner up.

Leap Frog to Midfield once you and your partner arrived 10 Booya Merkins and Leap Frog back to the end line for 10 Booya Merkins .

10 Ct by Poca

Leap Frog to the Midfield once you and your partner arrived 10 Spider Merkins per man and leap frog back to the end line for 10 Spider Merkins.

10 Ct by Bed Sore

Last part of the Thang was 6 stops first stop 4 Burpees at every stop add 1 Burpee for a total of 6 stops at 39 Burpees. With 4 minutes to go we lined up in an Indian Walk back to the flag the last man would sprint to the front with the pack catching a well-deserved lung break . Back at the shovel flag circled up for

Mary : 1 minute of American hammer.

Announcements: My main man Misty on the Q at the stampede, Pasqually will be at the Hash, with Ron burgundy leading the Ruckers (What an outstanding line up).

Monkey Wrench took us out in moving word towards our maker.

Big Mic had something on his heart and YHC appreciated that very much.

Men it was my absolute honor to lead you bunch of badasses this morning .

Till I see you in the gloom again :Frosted Flake

Psalm 37 23-24

The Lord makes firm the steps on the one who delights in him, though he may stumble he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand!




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