My lord honey what a time we had at the QAR this am. YHC had a mix of old school and new tricks up his sleeve for the 8 that posted. Weather a little cool at 39 degrees but not to complain with no rain. A scouting mission took place early to confirm the Rotarian fields were runnable. And of course they were. Following a quick intro, we moseyed to the upper lot to warm up and celebrate Immigrant’s birthday. The Anchor B boys were fired up and ready to roll!

Immigrant and YHC led the Pax through the following:



Imp Walkers


Merkin Dog

Sun Gods

Hand release merkins

Very happy to see yesterday’s FNG back posting with the Pax this am. QAR would then blast off to the single soccer field and line up.


The mission was simple and would keep the Pax together. Run across the field (50 yards) 10 Double Merkin Burpees, run back. We would all do an specially selected exercise together at that point. The burpee reps would decrease each round until 1 rep was completed.

The exercises the Pax completed as a group were 25 reps/count of the following

  1. squat
  2. reverse lunge
  3. chillcut peter parker
  4. leg circles
  5. leg sizzors
  6. chillcut march
  7. reverse plank
  8. copperhead squat
  9. willie mays hayes

Great effort by the boys, legs and abs burning at this point. Mosey across the park to the fence beside the Crossfitters.

YHC had a special treat in store! The Butercup, stolen from the Rock Region SC boys. This exercise just cant be explained, you have to be there. Generally its a peoples chair where your hands touch above your head, on your knees, and at your feet all done IC. Perhaps the greatest part is that you get to all clap real loud on the count afterwards the IC part.

We took the Butter Cup to a 25 count, did a 5 count per man balls to the wall, and finished with another 25 count of the Buttercup. Cant wait for Duck Butter to get ahold of this one.

A sprint across the field lead us back to the flag for 25 Am Hammers IC and a 1 minute plank for Puddles. Hard Stop

Hole In None, Kettle Bells, Chicken Shack, and Prom Ruck happening tomorrow.

Check out the Oakwood 24 Hour run happening this week in Raleigh to raise money for Healing Transitions.

Big Mick took us out in prayer. Keep Trailer House in your prayers tomorrow as his mothers funeral is scheduled in Rocky Mount.

Always a pleasure to Q the AO that got this whole thing started!


The Oakwood Holiday 24, featuring Frey Daddy


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