• When: 06/15/18
  • Workout Style: Stampede
  • QIC: Crabby Englishman
  • PAX: Knotty Head, Bongwa, Chaney, Flipova, Deuce, Slim Jim, Jang a Lang, Mr. Furley, Winnie the Poo, Big Mic, Bedore, Mee Mee, Rooney, Ramses, Monkey Wrench, Pocahontas, Lassie, Bayliner, Shroom, Steamer, Graco, X-Box, Crabby Englishman
  • AO: Back Blasts, BRR, Stampede

On this morning YHC advertised a second f experience that would be memorable. To pull this off YHC decided to host the AO and second f on the outdoor patio at YHC’s place business. YHC would need some time to prepare this event. So with a run for rations and provisions the night before. YHC set out on a standard to get my miles in early as I would need to prepare the coffee and other stuff for the pax. As I was stretching, a set of headlights pulled up and it was Winnie the poo coming early. I set out down Bridges Street to get in some pavement pounding time. Upon my return to greet the pax, give route instructions, disclaimer, mission statement and other administrative requirements under Jangs watchful eye. All timing and tracking devices set and tracking, we were off. Across the street, scaring cars into stopping when they had the right away as we crossed the intersection headed to the waterfront. Down the waterfront, down Evans toward the bridge. YHC had to turn back early to get back to the flag in time to have refreshments ready for the pax. Upon my return I set out to set up the refreshments and treats for the pax. The pax was returning as I put the finishing touches on the reception goodies. With all pax accounted for except X-Box and Steamer, We counted off, Announcements were made of the workouts for Saturday. With the arrival of X-Box and Steamer YHC took us out in prayer. All pax was invited to the patio for the reception of coffee, water, chocolate milk, oj, bananas, donoughts. All pax from Carterico was invited with some ruckers arriving. Always an honor to Lead.

Crabby Englishman out.

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