On this incredibly gorgeous and rainy morning, YHC was honored to join 5 other men at The Boonedocks! Due to the injury that Plebe is facing, YHC was pumped at the opportunity to fill in and Q the site led by none other than the legend himself- Purple Rain! Thanks for letting me step in bro!

5:29 and go time. Quick run through of mission statement and disclaimer given, and a warm welcome back for ole McMuffin. More on that later.


Sungods IC x 10 (Forward and Reverse)
Mosey just a little
The Windmill IC x 10
Mosey just a little to back lot
Imperial Walkers IC x 10

The Thang

Conveyor Belt (Monkey Humpers)- Partner up at 3 different lines across parking lot (about 20 yards a part). Each stop is 10 MH SC. After 3rd stop, run around parking lot and through gazebo to start all over again. This was done for 5 rounds totaling 150 Monkey Humpers. This gave some great time to talk as the PAX moseyed and counted together, with the burn getting hotter with every stop. Pillbox ain’t a newbie anymore fellas! Snookie kept fussing at Griswold and McMuffin for slowing us up 🙂 Then mosey over to the far section for a little

Bear Crawlkins- Starting together, PAX bear crawls to each parking space and taking turns, each man leads in Merkins SC x 10. 15 spaces total to cover. After the 5th space, LBC’s IC x 30 were added in to mix things up a bit. At the end of 15 spaces…
All together- Merkins SC x 150 and LBC’s IC x 150.

Line up and lunge down to the starting line. This felt wonderful! McMuffin was really excited that today was his first day back in a long time. It was discovered that he has been doing some reno work in Greenville, but the PAX just got on him about excuses as they reminded him of our ENC Brothers workouts! Turn around, Rinse and Repeat of another stretch of lunges. Legs were getting smoked.

Under the Gazebo for 5 rounds of
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 30
Air Press IC x 30
Freddie Mercuries IC x 30

Mosey to the front Gazebo for 5 rounds of
Dips SC x 30
Urkins SC x 30

Over to the Shovel Flag for
LBC’s IC x 50
Burpees SC x 10

Always a pleasure working out with the finest guys Cape Carteret has to offer. It was a quiet time of announcements and prayer requests. YHC led in prayer.

This is the time of year that it seems to get easier for men to sleep in and have excuses. Don’t. Just don’t. Take care of your body and rest when you need to. Don’t put working out ahead of your family or your relationship with God. But what I have noticed for the majority of men is when they make F3 a priority, they are choosing to get other priorities in line as well. So look in the mirror. Stop blaming the weather, lack of being in shape, busyness, failures, etc. Man up, take responsibility and give God and your Wife and Family the man that they deserve. Then whatever ya have left, impact those in this community we are blessed to live in. It’s an honor to do life with ya boys!

-Laettner, signing out.

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