YHC was excited for cooler temps and a chance to change up the pace a bit from earlier this week, given that is was 84 at 0500 on Wednesday, none the less it was still a Carterican Summer and yes the sweat angels continued.  We gathered as always to seek a better version of ourselves, some came early some rolled in as the one minute warning ticked off the watch.

Disclaimer provided we moseyed to the front parking lot of the High School.


Windmills X 10

Cotton Pickers X 15

Runners Lung 10 Ct each leg.

Hill Billie’s X 10

Good Mornings X 15

Off we go, partnering up for a few rounds at the Pull Up bars.

Partner A – Run around the annex building

Partner B – 10 Dips and 10 Pull Ups

Three Rounds of the above.

Plank for the six and head toward the bleachers for a round of bleacher snakes.

Mosey to the track

Time for some BLIMPS

Burpees X 50

Lunges X 50

Imperial Walkers X 50

Merkins X 50

Plank Jacks X 50

Squats X 50

The option was open to each pair, get there however you can, Partner A started the BLIMPS while partner B takes a lap of the track, and flip flop.

Once done with the BLIMPS a quick pallet cleanser and then another round of Bleacher Snakes.

Time for a quick Plankorama then back to the pull up bars for one more round.

Option A 10 Pull Ups and 10 Dips….Option B 10 WWI’s and 10 Merkins

Partner A makes a lap while Partner B does one of the options above.

Once completed we made our way on the long round around the front of the high school to the shovel flag for a quick Mary of American Hammer.

A great time for all….Announcements given and YHC took out the PAX in prayer.

Tomorrow Rosie will lead the Stampede around the track, Squid will be hitting up the Hashmark, Nipple Shot on the Rucky Duck, and Snooki with the Mullet Wrapper.

As always an honor and a pleasure to lead the PAX





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