Due to travel/work complications and a changed AO for the Rolling Stone, YHC volunteered to lead the town of Newport PAX if they HC’s to the Blart Invitational. They did. They did indeed!

Rolled up to the parking lot with Blart putting the shovel flag out and was reminded of all the work vehicles that are left at Fort Benjamin. Good thing crime is so low. Buckeye soon followed and then Ricardo made good on that HC and it was time to get it.

Rolling Warmarama around the whole left side of the park consisting of Sun Gods (F&R), Good Mornings, Windmills and even though they were done later on, some leg stretching (All done 10 Count IC).

4 Rounds of- Urkins, Dips, Step Ups (SC x 25) with a parking lot lap in between. Buckeye and YHC practiced synchronized step ups, due to the occasional see-saw action of the singular picnic table. Not a hard pace but consistent and everyone stayed together.

2 Rounds of Ruck Work- Man calls out workout (AMRAP) for other 3 to do while he lifts YHC’s Ruck over his head and walks to the end of parking lot and back, and then switching. Comments were made that Blart gave harder exercises so not to participate. Ricardo danced with the Ruck at various positions but got the job done, as we all did while our arms got smoked. Some Exercises were- LBC’s, WWI’s, Squats, Something with our feet/legs going to Heaven which caused the mumblechatter about Blart, Box Cutters, and a couple others. Good Stuff. Underestimated how tough carrying the ruck would be.

Mosey to the middle and lunge back. Mosey to the end and begin a suicide (similar to Tuesday) of running and back pedaling 2 spaces and adding on 2 each time. Once half way done, YHC began to call out 10 Counts of Burpees and Hand Release Merkins. PAX did um like they were born to do those!

Disc Golf- Time for one Hole of Disc Golf, sprinting to the landing spot after each throw, 2 Burpees with another man throwing until the hole was hit. Then a Billy Run back to the flag for a HARD STOP.

I really enjoyed today. I don’t know why, but it kinda felt different / good. Maybe it was because we were sorta renegades, not doing a planned workout. (Purple Rain and Kiwi know a little about that!) But it was a really good day to get together and get better.

Prayer Requests for the PAX and their families as they travel, people fighting for their lives (health) and Buckeye with some big things in the next few days with his work and promotion. I had the opportunity to lead in prayer and then it was off to the grind. We F3 to make each other better. Be flexible. Be consistent. Don’t worry so much about whats easy for you and do what you can to help make things happen in someone else’s life. If ya do that… man you are killing it!


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