With the call from Devlin that he was still under the weather, YHC agreed to Q the bells, where he hasn’t posted in about 6 months.  Dusting off the old bell last night led me to think of what reps we could do and get a good heart rate level as well.  As 5:30 rolled around I was pleased to see a group of 8 men ready to get to work. Second mile called the group to order, YHC gave the mission statement and disclaimer and with that we were off on a mosey with the Hole in Noners to do a combined warmarama. YHC and Secondmile alternated calling the exercises and they included: SSH, cotton pickers, high knees, sun gods, hillbillies, and hand release merkins. Once warm, we moseyed back to the bells.  First round was right side row x 15, left side row x 15 followed by right side lunge x 15 and then left side.  We then moseyed with the bells held out front to the civic center stairs for a 6 count cadence up and down the stairs x 10 ct. Then standard step ups with bell out front for a 10 ct.  Now we performed an Indian run with bells held high back to the starting point. Now we partnered up with each partner across the parking lot from each other. Partners would do bicep curls, drop the bell and sprint across the lot to partners side and use partner’s bell with reps starting at 10 and decreasing by one each time.  We did one round with right side biceps and repeated with left side, this time starting at 1 rep and increasing each lap until we got to 10 reps. We then moseyed back to the concrete wall behind the bookstore for derkins x 15 sc, dips x 15 IC, erkins x 15 sc, and box jumps x 10 sc.  From here mosey back to bells for round 2.  We repeated relay with squats starting at 10 reps and working down to one followed by good mornings with bell held up starting at 1 and working to 10. At this point Pedro wanted to know why we hadn’t done any shoulders so he hijacked the Q and we did right side relay and then left side as before. With an FNG present surely bear crawls were in order. We lined up along the parking spaces and bear crawled from line to line doing 1 merkin at line 1 and increasing by 1 merkin at each line until we got across the lot to the 9 merkin line Reef was loving these! Lt. Dan back across the lot. Mosey back for Mary. American hammer x 10 IC with bell followed by chest press x 10 IC with bell.

6:15 hard stop! We did name o rama and joined up with hole in none crowd to name the 2 FNG’s. Welcome Boomer and whatever the synonym for lil’ pickle is, can’t recall. Announcements for Gert annual free lunch tomorrow at Sanitary and more to come on the postponed Christmas ruck. Rooney led us in the Lord’s prayer and ball of man.  It was great to lead today and a pleasure to see everyone works so hard. Convergence for easterners in Beaufort tomorrow with Boss Tweed.


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