• When: 02/23/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp, Ruck
  • QIC: Shroom
  • PAX: Chainlink, Wilson, Spinal Tap, Lassie, Reef Donkey, Pedro, Immigrant, Nippleshot, Big Mick, Duckbutter, Holiday Mansion, Goodwill, Monkeywrench, Honkytonk
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rucky Duck

The Pax gathered at Sweet Beans after being given fair warning on the impending smackdown. Recognizing that no FNGs were present, QIC gave a quick disclaimer and headed South to Evans Street. As we started making the turn towards the East, several members of the PAX requested a warm up, this showed me that the men were starting to realize what was about to happen. The goal for the morning was clear and simple; make it to the FDC on the side of the building at the end of the Morehead City Waterfront, back to Sweet Beans, with no man left behind, all in our allotted time frame of 1 hour.

The Thing:

The trip East was an alternating pace of Ruck 1 block, Mosey 1 block, with the mosey ending in various ass blistering exercises including, but not limited to, Low Slow Flutters, LBCs, Merkins, Overhead Pack Presses, Clank Clanks and Beep Beeps, Squats, and hugs and kisses.

Duckbutter and Spinaltap engaged each other in a political ground war of words on whether or not male athletes should be allowed to wear bras during baseball season, and if female athletes should be allowed to wear jock straps while playing lacrosse? I am not sure how it was resolved, but both were warned not to google the subject. Anyway,,, we made it to our destination, and on the turn back headed over to the chains on the dock for a few quick Derkins before heading to the fish bowl for a few Dips, Erkins, and Derkins.

We made a hard push back towards The Bean, circling back for the “six” at every block.

We ended with a Circle of Trust, and a round of coffee!

Thanks for the effort, I look forward to the next opportunity to lead!

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