At the sound of the alarm clock, YHC  couldn’t hit the snooze button, time was short.  A beautiful morning was beginning and my Q was here.  Knowing our brothers are out of town on various adventures, I considered numbers would be low.  I checked slack early looking for some HC’s only to find none.  Would I be working out alone?  To my suprise, pulling into Western Park, Skimmer and Staypuff already onsite. 5 minute warning, more PAX rolling in.  1 minute warning, this must be it.  We rolled through announcements and killer mission statement and got started with warmarama, but wait, TD Jakes rolls in hot.


SSH x 25 IC

10 Burpees OYO + 2 for late PAX

Sun Gods F/R x 10

Don Quixotes

Short mosey to bball court

The Thang

11’s  (for Dukies)  Bobby Hurleys and Carolina Dry Docks  Bear crawl to Hurley crab crawl back

Bataan Death March to picnic tables for

Derkins x 15 IC

Dips x 15 IC

Erkins x 15 IC

Then to field for round of Aik-N-Legs

Rinse and Repeat 3X

At this point, with ache n legs, we Bataan Death Marched to Tennis courts for DORA, we partnered up.

50 Burpee

100 Merkins

150 WW1

200 Cheerleaders

All the while, our running distance of about 25 yards to be performed backwards both ways.

With time running short, we Omaha the last of the cheerleaders. 1 minute to hard stop, we mosey to flag.

COT for prayer requests.  Still lifting up, Griswold’s family, the Page family, and our brothers pushing themselves to their limits in South Carolina and Greenville.  We also got to share in a huge success story from Staypuff.  He has lost over 30 lbs since starting and won his contest at work for weight loss.  What a great inspiration to us all.  We are lucky to share in his achievement, may he be inspiring to us all.

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