• When: 12/1/17
  • Workout Style: Stampede
  • QIC: Knotty Head, Hillary, Lassie, Ramses, Shroom
  • PAX: Knotty Head, Hillary, Lassie, Ramses, Shroom
  • AO: Back Blasts, Stampede

YHC posted a preblast with the meeting point of the circle. Wanting to offer a new route to the pax. I scouted out several different possibilities of directions until the AB police were following me. Apparently driving around the one way streets of Atlantic Beach at 10pm is enough to attract the attention of AB’s finest. Regardless as my alarm rang this morning I high fived the fartsack monster only to be awakened by my M at 6:15 with the following conversation:

M: Weren’t you suppose to Q this morning?

YHC: Yessssss (Head hanging low)

M: Isn’t that your AO?

YHC: Yesssss (Head trying to go lower, but unable because of my pillow)

M: Bet you feel like a D**k!

YHC: (No response)

It is no surprise that the very capable Pax to the initiative to continue. I imagine a rolling mission and disclaimer took place and the route from the circle to the Double Tree and back was decided.

The mileage logged was:

Knotty Head- 6 miles

Hillary, Lassie, Ramses- 4.75 miles

Shroom- 3.5 miles


Announcements- The absence of the Site Q, Hero Patriot, FOD

Prayer Concerns were discussed and COT was preformed.

Usually an honor to lead,

Crabby Englishman

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