Griswold joined YHC for a unique standard this morning as some detective work needed to be done. Disc Golf holes were placed around the campus, but to implement the plan for the day, the Site Q joined YHC to discover their exact location. This would have been easier with a flashlight, but that is beside the point. Getting a little over 2 miles in, we met back up at the Shovel Flag as the PAX arrived. Kiwi posting was exciting as he is hungry to get better. Couch Potato braving the cold and Pillbox depressed he is not in Hawaii anymore! YHC was sure Purple Rain would post with LETC but was disappointed as the Fartsack won the battle. Sorry, Trotting with the Turkey doesn’t count 🙂

Griswold led the PAX in a quick lap to get loose and then some warmup exercises and then it was time to play some golf (disc golf that is.) The rules were explained and then the PAX began to work their way through the Cougar Course. PAX would alternate throws and would then run to where the frisbee landed and perform 2 burpees. Pan then throws again repeating burpees until the Frisbee either landed in the basket or hit the hole. Either counts in our game. So…

Each Throw- Run to landing spot for 2 burpees
After each hole was hit- Workout

Altogether around 100 Burpees were performed by the PAX. Little did we know that Steamer would copy some of YHC’s exercises for the day, but that makes it all the more fun!

Hole 1- Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 50
Hole 2- Freddy Merc’s IC x 25
Hole 3- Monkey Humpers IC x 25
Hole 4- Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 50 / Air Press IC x 50
Hole 5- Freddy Merc’s IC x 50
Hole 6- Monkey Humpers IC x 50
Hole 7- Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 50 / Air Press IC x 50 / Merkins SC x 50

YHC led the PAX down the hill to a newly discovered area of picnic tables and a basketball for a little round of

Dips IC x 25
Urkins SC x 25
Step Ups SC x 25
This circuit was repeated 3 times

Hole 8- Freddy Merc’s IC x 75
Hole 9- Monkey Humpers IC x 75

The PAX did some jail breaking after the last hole was completed to end up back at the Shovel Flag for a hard stop. It was fun today incorporating a game into the workout. The talent level and expertise shown was all across the map, but thats what makes F3 so awesome, is that together we are better! Whether you could throw far, had a good short game, or couldn’t really get the sucker to go where you wanted, we all stay together and popped those burpees out 2×2!

I’m thankful for F3 and for it’s impact on me. I have a long ways to go, but am so much better than I was back in March when I wore my UNC gear trying to keep from freezing at the Kettle Bells on day one. Thanksgiving is really a work that describes the spirit of F3 as we live grateful lives to our creator, and give of ourselves to Him, our spouse, kids and community. Can’t want to see what all will happen in the days to come.

A quick prayer was given by YHC due to the Double Posters (Lunchbox, Griswold and YHC) and then it was fist bumping and tires squeeling to head to West Carteret. Thanks for spending your morning with me fellas. I’m up for a round of frisbee golf with you guys anytime! Thanks for letting me Q with ya Griswold!



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