A pax of 30 strong came out to begin a calorie deficit and shed the feelings of guilt about impending gluttony.  With a disclaimer given, and welcome to an FNG we took off on a mosey for:


Cotton Pickers IC x 10

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Copperhead Squats IC x 10

Merkins SC x 15

Sun Gods IC x 15, rev x 15

We mosey’d to the parking lot for Round 1 of,

The Thang:

Parking lot suicides

4 cones including the beginning.  Do the exercises run to the first do the exercises, etc.

5- 8 count Bodybuilders

10 WWI

15 Dry Docks

After 4 rounds we ran the perimeter of the school to the baseball field for:

Burpee Construction.  Partner up, both do 5 burpees, run to the opposing outfield fences, do the exercise, and return, doing 5 burpees each time.

10 Squats

10 Groiners

10 Thrusters

10 hand release Burpees

Mosey to the East endzone for:

The Horseshoe: Starting in the SE corner, run toward the west field goalpost, around and back to the NE corner.  We performed a Rack and stack and continued running the horseshoe.

  1. 20 Alt Shoulder Taps
  2. 10 Double Merkin Burpees
  3. 15 monkey Humpers IC
  4. 20 Prisoner Squats SC
  5.  20 Dry Docks SC

Once complete, we were off to the football practice field for Steamer’s Special

An ascending Ladder Jack Webb of the following exercises: 4 IC to 16 IC

Overhead Press

Overhead Clap

Sun Gods forward and reverse

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Merkins SC

Mosey to the parking lot for a hard stop.

Ball of Men:

Prayers for Shroom’s friend with cancer.  Prayers for those down and out during the holidays.  T claps for those that made it here from Cape Carteret and going to post at the Turkey Burner.  YHC took us out.  It was an honor and pleasure to lead on a day to truly be thankful!


Steamer out

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