TClaps to Purplerain for his leadership and willingness to organize this Java Jam AO as a training day for some runners. Godspeed to you friend, and hope you reach your race goals tomorrow [as we all know you’ve had plenty of rest fartsacking this week!!!]. So as it turned out, our fairly new western PAX Canary and Uncle Rico were early and ready with their Ruck sacs, and as tradition goes, wanting to get better. This inspires me and really makes my day, glad you made it guys. I’m still here waiting for Tony Romo to join me for a run!?!

Shovel Flag in the Ground, Hard Start at 5:30a, the most eloquent Mission Statement ever recited, LRLRLR until 6:15a as planned, QIC took us out with COT and today’s mission accomplished. PAX had question about the origin of the Shovel Flag, YHC gave a heart felt explanation but I’ll copy/paste the official F3 description for all based on the book, Freed to Lead, another PurpleRain inspiration.

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