• When: 11/30/18
  • Workout Style: Crabby Englishm
  • PAX: FNG Olive, Deebo, Madoff, Poca, Steamer, Shroom, Hillary, Knotty head, Wolverine, Lamar, Au Jus, Bayliner, Ramses, Bongwa, Pasqually, Rooney
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Stampede

As YHC’s alarm went off I hit the snooze button and closed my eyes only to open them fifteen minutes later and say “crap”. My mind weighed the choices, 1) Fartsack and cement my record for fartsacking Q’s, for which I have never been officially recognized or 2) Get up and go. Number two it is, looking to compete in another category of showing up late for a Q. YHC had a new route picked out but it would not be today! Arriving at the AO ten minutes late, with no one around in any direction, I set of on my adventure down Evans Street and back to Sweet Beans to meet up with the rest of the Pax as they were coming in as well, from the opposite direction. It was a 50/50 shot that I choose wrong. Fortunately the Dipper was not involved to take my money.

In an article written by county renowned author Scott Foley, know to locals as Angry Boy, and I quote ” It is a apocryphal fact that Q’s that are eight to ten minutes late for their Q are brilliant and an inspiration to us all to attempt to achieve such feats of greatness.”  Foley goes on to describe the scale where one to seven minutes late is inexperienced and eleven to seventeen minutes late is superannuated.

With the Pax gathered, FNG Olive was named, T-Claps for coming out. Announcements were made about Angry Boys’s book signing and workouts over the weekend.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Always a pleasure to lead or at least finish up a workout.

Crabby Englishman out

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