• When: 7/12/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Lunchbox, Fortnite, McGregor, Asisi (Churham), Couchpotato (Respect), Griswold (Invisible Snooki), Puddles (Respect), Apnea (Florida), Sooey (FNG, Respect), Snow White, Nature Boy, Kiwi, Tony Romo (Snooki), Navy (Respect), Purple Rain
  • AO: Back Blasts

As I started to prepare for this Q I had many things going through my head.  I am still a little injured how can I bring a beating while not hurting myself? What do our guys need right now?  But the Big area that kept coming to mind is the fact that I rarely Q here lately.  At first I could not figure out why, when we first started the west it was required that I Q once or twice a week because we all had to Q a lot.  I realized that this was a wonderful thing, other guys are stepping up and growing, learning, and we as a group are getting larger.  It also makes each time I Q more meaningful now and I want to make each one count for something.

These thoughts led me to what F3 is all about.  It is about leadership and in order to be an effective leader it requires taking risks.  That could be leading your men on the battlefield, making a tough decision at work, saying no to the guys in order to spend time with your family, or stepping up and growing and taking on responsibility in F3.  In every opportunity to lead there is a chance to screw up, be laughed at, embarrassed, or lose something important to you.  The risk is always there, but I was told once that men show their Faith in God by taking those risks.  It requires that we depend on something outside of ourselves, it requires that we put trust in others and trust in God.  It would be much easier to not take the risk to sit back and let others lead, the problem is someone has to do it.  The only way this thing grows is if “you” step up and lead.  Carterico would not be here if not for guys like Giligan and LETC and probably others that put themselves out there to help start it here.  The west would not be here if not for MyTsharp, Pasqually, Duckbutter, Jang A Lang, and many others.  The answer is the whole thing depends on “you” if you do not step up and lead than it will quit growing and eventually it will start shrinking until it finally disappears.  Guess what, that risk that you will take at F3 will lead to many other things in life, new friends, new confidence, new skills, BETTER MEN!

As so often when I Q the guys not only have to put up with my beatdown but they normally have to listen to some kind of motivational speech or sermon.  Griswold asked me how much time do I leave in my planning for talking, well working hard has definitely made talking and working a little easier.  If you noticed there were no 10 counts, me talking is the 10 count.  The guys are always willing to indulge me and listen to my speeches and I so appreciate them at least acting like they listen to me.

PAX rolled in and we were off, mosey to first stop Seal Claps x20 ic, Imperial Walkers x15ic, SunGods x10ic reverse.  Time to Mosey to the track and partner up with someone of opposite speed of you slow with fast.  partners would run in opposite directions on track and meet up do an exercies and run back and do 10 merkins.  Each man does the amount of running that meets their speed. 4 rounds: 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 LBC ic, 25 air press ic.  4 laps on track so far

Time for a track rack and stack, each stop would be half of the track: 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 LBCs ic, 25 air press ic.  We then unpacked.  This added another 4 laps.

Time to Mosey back to flag and had just enough time for some an old favorite that has been missing. Boss Tweeds until hard stop and I got to get a good look at Puddles right in the eyes.

By the way be careful if you go to Churham to Post apparently them boys do some running because Asisi had some wheels on him this morning.

Announcements, Prayers and we were off to our day.

Appreciate you guys and all you have done for me in my life and look forward to many of growth and giving it away.

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