14 Pax gathered on time, excluding Griswold, excused absence due to a standard over the bridge, however 3 double merkin burpees just for fun.

YHC wasn’t sure how to pull off 45 mins of full body experience with this strong crowd that showed up, But i think best when we Mosey, so off we went. The First Citizens ATM in site got me thinking, but first a tease of a bigillion sun gods, and some freddy mercurys, then a round of ATM’s, mosey across the street to Marine Federal Bank, 30 WW1’s, 25 LBC’s IC, and another round of ATM’s, Mosey to Wells Fargo, rinse and repeat, the over the river and through the woods to PNC Bank for some camera action: Boss tweeds, Pickle Pounders, dips and …ATM’s. Mosey around the ABC store for the long straight away to the Lowes Foods ATM!!! One more round. To the Lowes Hardware Hill from hell, 40 Squats at the bottom, 40 at the top, rinse and repeat. Mosey back to the Pavilion of Pain for some Wall Merkins, Peoples ChairPress, wall worms with wall plank merkins as a bonus.

Circle up for PAX choice Mary, ButtonCap with some outstanding YOGA stuff, and a great mix from the crowd. Tony Romo on the COT, led us out with prayer for our brothers and their family. I used to get nervous, anxious, and worried about a providing the PAX with a solid Q, still do, but always enjoy every minute, love you guys, Happy Second Anniversary Laettner, Thanks for the opportunity Sparkles, hope you’re back at it soon StayPufTTTT!

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