It was a frigid morning on the Morehead waterfront for the table setter.  I used to be a frequent flyer on Mondays when I first started working out with F3 before the days of Dockhouse and I have fond memories of those times for sure. There used to be a PAX member named Dip Stick who was the site Q who would put together the widest variety of Indian runs ever seen this side of the ICW. It was like capturing magic in a bottle then scorching the Earth with it. YHC thought it would be a good idea to relive the old go-to workouts of years past with some modified imitation.
We all waited in our warm vehicles until 5:28, then gathered for some morning chatter. With no wind, but plenty of man tights abound, the PAX were ready for the new and improved Table Setter. The disclaimer was delivered flawlessly and we were off.
Mosey down Evans street westward. Jang called Omaha on the warmarama, and the location was immediately switched to The Cutting Board without Q consent.  Apology was accepted and workout continued without incident.
30 side straddle hops IC
20 Sun gods IC forward and reverse
20 windmills IC
20 good mornings IC
10 merkins Single count
My o.c.d. kicked in and we backtracked to the Big Rock intersection point. Run made around the triangle block to add mileage and we cut through a group of men who looked to be headed to get donuts at the Speedway.
We headed down Shepard Street and stopped every other block for:
Monkey humpers 20 IC
Spider merkins 20 IC
Mountain climbers 20 IC
Continued run to the area known as the tennis courts for The Thang. Not sure how Moreheaders play tennis round these parts, but typically there are lines on the court to delineate when a ball is in or out. Note to self-was made to take pictures of Beaufort tennis courts and pass that along to the powers-that-be in Morehead for educational purposes.
A stacking exercise was announced with suicides across the pavement known as the tennis courts. Light poles were used as points of reference for the suicide run. After the first exercise was completed we ran then came back and added an additional exercise only to run more after that. Exercises included :
5 burpees OYO
10 overhead presses IC
15 Merkins single count
20 World War I sit-ups single count
25 copperhead squats IC
In true table setter fashion, we ended with balls to the wall, 5 count each member of the PAX,  followed by alternating shoulder taps 20 IC followed by an additional balls to the wall repeated.
Pax lined up into two lines for an Indian run back to the Cutting Board. An Omaha added at the cutting board to complete the triangle then back to the cutting board for Mary. It was great seeing some familiar faces at the band of bothers this morning. My T sharp was helping to increase his caloric burn by performing vocal cord burnouts and Mumble chatter to exhaustion. The man is still in fine laryngeal shape.
Little baby crunches  x50 IC
Post love letter x 25 in Cadence
Plank hold x 45 seconds
Various yoga maneuvers to stretch were instructed.
At this point, the sun peeked it’s rays out from over the port to remind us of the spectacular day to come. Jailbreak was announced back to the Sanitary Restaurant. At this point, Squealer turned on the gas with steamer and Lassie, a great push for all three.
At the end, we completed about 2.5 miles. Prayers were made for Doublemint’s daughter and with a little help from Jang and Puddles, Puddles led us out in prayer.
Always a privilege to lead such a fine group of men.
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