• When: 11/13/17
  • Workout Style: Tablesetter
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Jang a Lang (Birthday), Crabby, Steamer, The 2nd Mile, Aflac, Deebo, Blue Cross, Nippleshot, Puddles (Respect), Duckbutter, Lassie, Bayliner
  • AO: Table Setter

It was an awesome morning for the Tablesetter- perfect weather and great company.  We had 11 men join the Q this am to start the week off well, in addition to celebrating Jang’s Birthday.  Jang must have been getting a head start on the birthday celebrations at home as he rolled in barely just in time to start the workout – he did blame his late arrival on “going to Sanitary lot first”- well played Jang!

We moseyed to 14th street and warmed up-  SSH x20, Cotton Pickers x20, Windmills x20, Sun Gods x20

We moseyed to 12th Street for the following- Merkins x20, Squats x20, LBC’s x20

We moseyed to 10th Street for the following- Carolina Dry Docks x20, Plank jacks x20, WW1’s x20

We continued to mosey every 2 blocks alternating merkins and dry docks until we got to 4th street.  We turned and 4th to make our way back and stopped every 2 blocks for the same.  We did stop by the fountain for some dips, derkins, and erkins (20 ea for all) before moseying back to 14th street stopping every 2 blocks.  Our final stop on 14th street included alternating shoulder taps and air press ladder to 15 count.  It was then time for a run back to the flag at Shevans for a hard stop.

1978 was a special year for many, but especially for Jang and his family- hope you enjoy your day and celebration.  We discussed a lot of useless facts this am about the year 1978 that helped distract us from the reality of the work out, but in the end, no distractions were needed as everyone demonstrated great effort all the way to the end.  Lassie is on Q for the QAR and Nipple is on Q for AnchorB tomorrow, with another workout in Beaufort and the Dreadnought will be going as well.  It was announced this am that there will be a group doing the Myrtle Beach Go Ruck April 20 with their wives and girlfriends- see Duck for details.  Prayer requests for Blart and his family on the passing of his brother in law- please keep all of them in your prayers!

Hope everyone has a great week-  Bayliner

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