• When: 05/03/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: BigMic
  • PAX: Chatley, Reef Donkey, Nipple Shot, Second Mile, Frosted Flake, Squid, Gertrude, Ron Burgandy, Blart, Misty, Ramesees, Bayliner, Shroom, Blue Cross, Buckeye, Steamer
  • AO: Back Blasts, Swashbuckler


Circled around the flag for appropriate disclaimer and approximate mission statement.

Out of the gates with gusto mosey homage to The Sensation. Back to the flag for 


SSH X 20

Hillbilly X 15

SG forward and back X 10

Cotton Piker IC X 15

Windmill X 10


-Straight down, left over right and right over left X10

-Right leg lunge forward reaching left arm to the sky with right palm to ground. Same in other side 

Mosey to the field goal line for the THANG

4 Rounds of the following 

Start in end zone 

2 Min Fast pace: Down and back 100 yards X2 for faster guys, second down and back 75 or 50 yards for the slower guys 

Mosey to the pull up bars 

Group A 

10 pull ups, 10 Merkins IC, 

Group B

10 Alternating Lunges IC, 20 LSF


Mosey to stadium steps 

Stay in 2 groups. One group to one side and the other to the other 

Climb stairs. At the bottom 

Carolina Dry Dock X2, work up by 2 reps to 10

WW1 sit ups X 10 working down by 2 reps to 2 reps 

Stair climbs in between 

Mosey to the flag, partner up for burpee “catch me if you can” progressing from 1 to 5


  • 50 LBC
  • Stretch
  • hard stop 

Moleskin: Today was a good push. Second Q of the week for YHC. This one felt a lot more comfortable after not stepping up to Q for awhile. Good reminder for this guy that this F3 thing we do really has to have more emphasis on guys growing by leading workouts than just attending. 

Prayer request and announcements 

  • Several families in the community battling cancer 
  • Steamer is serving at Morehead primary event tomorrow all day. Please come by even for an hour to help serve with him 
  • Fish on the Q at the stampede, Lassie in the Q at the Rucky Duck 
  • CSUP/Hero Patriot Mosquito run convergence. 6:30 HS Fort Macon. Sign up now Click here https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/AtlanticBeach/MosquitoRun5KWalk

Always a pleasure to lead 

Big Mic 

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