• When: 3-8-18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: The Second Mile
  • PAX: Bayliner, Squid , Pasquale and Second Mile
  • AO: Swashbuckler

I arrived at West Carteret High School for the Q this am. It was quit brisk which kept a lot of the PAX in bed this am except for four including the Q. With one goal in mind to get better than what they were yesterday.

We moused to the front of the school where we circled up for warmarama

We started off with
SSH IC x 20
Sun Gods IC (forward and reverse) x 15
Cotton Picker x 10
Windmills x 10
Stretching with forward bend with right over left, then left then over right
Downward dog and upward dog

Next we ran to the band field.

The Thang
As cold as it was we warmed up quickly there were 4 cones about 25 yards apart
We ran to the first cone Where we had done 10 Americans and backpedaled to the start we then ran to the next cone a ~50 yards we then performed 20dry docks and backpedaled to the start
Next we sprinted to the third cone, 25 plankjacks and so on to the fourth cone where we performed 35 squats.
We finished and moseyed to the bleachers where we completed 2 rounds of bleacher snakes.

We next headed to the track where we lined up and ran from sideline to sideline. We started on the far side line on the edge of the track and had performed 20 dips in cadence 15 Durkin‘s SC and 10 diamond merkins SC. Immediately after we finished we ran to the far side line and back. We had performed two rounds of exercises and two rounds sprints proximately 120 yards times two.

Next thing went good tire throws for up and back along with tire over head presses x 10 2 rounds
Now it’s not over to the pool bars where we performed 10 pull-ups OYO. Then Knees to chest x 10 OYO x 2 rounds . Next we performed balls to the wall followed by low wall squats .

We returned to the shovel flag will be performed time cockroaches, Low slow flutters, protractor and box cutters

We were taken out in prayer by Pasquale. After we had made announcements and prayer request

Is a great pleasure and honor to lead these guys today.

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