• When: 01/03/19
  • Workout Style: Swashbuckler
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Creflo, Ricardo, Rameses, Holiday, Squid, Cooter, My T Sharp, Plunger, The Second Mile, Bayliner
  • AO: Swashbuckler

The day could not have stated any better when My T and Ram pulled into my driveway at 5:15 to pick me up in the Man Van so that we could all attend the Swash at West Carteret.  We all kicked off the new year this week at different times, but for the three of us, this was day 2.  The quick ride to West Carteret was intense in discussion revolving around the West Carteret JV boys basketball comeback win last night in Wilmington- congrats boys!  Upon arrival to the parking lot, we were greeted by a great group of men that were ready to get started, and so we did as Plunger arrived just in time for me to butcher the Mission Statement.

We moseyed to the front of the school to warmarama-

Lt over Rt

Rt over Lt



Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods

Rev Sun Gods

Willie Mays Hayes

Lt over Rt

Rt over Lt

We moseyed to the track to begin our workout.  We divided up into partners and the partners ran in opposite directions around the track to meet on the other side for 10 partner merkins and then back to the original starting point.  At each of the end zones of the track, we stopped for 5 burpees, 15 squats, and 25 LBC’s in both directions.  Round 2 included the same stops at the end zones, but had 10 partner leg throw downs at the other side.  Round 3 was 15 partner merkins and Round 4 was 15 partner leg throw downs.  We then moseyed to the pull up bars for partner pull ups while the other ran the lap around the building.  We did 2 rounds of this and then transitioned to the benches for rounds dips, erkins, and derkins.  Our last stop was a Balls to Wall count for the group before heading back to the flag for 1 minute of Mary.

Announcements:  Hashmark and Stampede tomorrow

Prayer Requests:  John Jenkins

Cooter took us out with a great prayer- Thank you Cooter

Great day today and great effort by all at the Swash.  It is always challenging getting back into the routine after Christmas and getting the exercise routine and eating back to normal.  As hard as it is to get back going, it would be even harder to start by ourselves.  F3 is great in so many areas, but this time of year it excels in motivating each other and holding ourselves accountable for getting up and getting out to the workouts.  This can be a hard time of year to get motivated for many of us, so reach out to some of the guys that we have not seen in awhile and encourage them to get up and come out- even if we have to go pick them up in the morning. Thanks again for all of the effort today and coming to the Swash-  Bayliner

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