• When: 11/25/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Kiwi, Ricardo, Denver, Birdman, Newman, Pasqually, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Navy (Respect), Blart (Respect), Ponch (Respect), Cooter, Blower, Monkey Wrench (Respect), McSketti (Respect), Griswald, FNG (Bopeep)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Knarr

It was crisp, cool, but a beautiful morning as YHC headed to the AO. The numbers have been increasing at the Knarr for the last few weeks, so I was super excited to see how many would show up for my birthday Q. After arriving a little early to set out some cones, I see Denver arrive about the same time. He must be up to something, I thought. Returning back from setting up the cones, Denver had a full display set up of coffee, donuts, music, light show and even a happy birthday banner! I have  to admit, I was really surprised. You are a great site Q Denver, you went all out and I thank you for that! What away to start the day as the rest of the PAX come rolling in, wishing me a happy birthday. Love all you guys! I noticed that Ron Burgundy had a FNG to show up, so gotta pull out the full disclaimer. HARD START! Explained F3, mission statement and 5 core principles were stated. Let’s do this!


Right over left 10 count, switch

Cotton Pickers IC x15

Windmills IC x10.  Mosey

Hillbillies IC x10, Mosey

Imperial walkers IC x10, mosey to the amphitheater.


WALL WORMS (3 sets) mosey to the Basketball court. Scorpion Dry Docks SC x15 with right leg up, switch SC x15 with left leg up. We partnered up for 3 rounds of Princess Tea Party. Mosey back to the amphitheater. Australian mountain climbers IC x15, mosey to the field.

Welcomed everyone to the Princess Five Star Resort. (it’s not a vacation!)
4 cones were set up in each corner of the field with different exercises at each corner. Everyone started in the center with 5 Burpee’s. Choose a cone, do the exercise, come back to the center, 4 Burpees until all 4 cones are completed. Then, choose any 3 cones, do the exercises, back to the center for 3 Burpee‘s and so on until only one cone is left. This proved to be really difficult for most, but everyone did a fantastic job! Mosey back to the amphitheater for BTTW 5 count from each PAX. Recover, mosey back to the flag. Partner up again for Dora. Partner A would to run a short distance and back, while partner B performed Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP, switch for 2 Rounds. We then circled up for Mary. PAX choice for about 5 different Abs exercises. HARD STOP! EXCELLENT job guys!! COUNT A RAMA, NAME A RAMA, Named our FNG (Bopeep) Welcome buddy! Just as I was about to ask for announcements, the whole group started singing happy birthday to me (sounded terrible, jk) and McSketti brought out a cake with a candle lit. You guys are so awesome it’s not even funny! Thank you all so much!  Announcements were stated about upcoming Qs, Christmas parties, The Krackin and the Thanksgiving conversions this Thursday. Prayer request were taken for everyone traveling for thanksgiving, Cornhole and praise to McSketti for showing great leadership to Cornhole’s family by making and delivering a pot of soup. Awesome job bro!

I’d like to thank Denver for his generosity and for giving me the keys to the Knarr, trusting me to lead these men today. Thanks to everyone for making this day extra special! Love this group of WARRIORS!!! Until next time….


Princess 👑




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