Eight men posted to take advantage of a beautiful Carterico sunrise over Bogue Sound. After a quick mission statement 7 of us stepped off for a ruck to the island and back in the allotted hour.  At the same time laettner took off for a run like he was shot out of a cannon.   The PAX were treated to a beautiful morning and view as we crossed over the bridge and back.  In all, we covered 3.68 miles (laettner got in a heck of a lot more) and still had time for a short MARY in the well manicured grass at BoJ’s.

Great to see KFC post for his second day of F3 and happy that Dollywood is well on his way to becoming a regular! Shout out to Cooter for posting despite getting scalped yesterday in New Bern.

Announcements – Rolling Stone tomorrow – check slack for other posting opportunities.  Prayer requests for Griswold’s M and a friend of Weinstien’s dealing with chronic kidney stones.  Cooter took us out with heartfelt thanks for the day.

It was a pleasure to spend the morning with you gents today!!


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