• When: 10/21/17
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Snookie, Sparkles, Lunchbox, Purplerain, Juicebox (2.0), Bolt (2.0), Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Field of Dreams, Western Park

The weather could not have been better this morning. It was great to see two 2.0s come out to spend some quality time with their dads.  We did miss some of our normal western Pax today though, and one FNG standup. Not to be discouraged, we laid out the multiple coupons, and counted down to a 0700 hard start.  YHC had a lot of thangs in mind, so the mission statement and disclaimer went quick.


  • Hillbillies IC X 20
  • chinooks  IC X 10 each
  • mountain climber IC X 20
  • SSH IC X 40

Mosey to the tennis court for Thang 1:  10 frog jumps, quick backpeddle, 10 merkins.   Rinse and Repeat X 4.

Thang 2:  2 lines staggered for 10# medicine ball toss. Catch the ball, squat, toss to the next Pax, one burpee.  This was fast paced, and the 2.0s really maned-up for this one!  Repeat the line 7-10 times.

Mosey to field for Thang 3: Plank Railroad across 3 soccer fields. Repeat railroad, but this time the Pax were in Carolina drydock position, and the runner had to go under each man. We quickly found out how cold the dew on the grass was but we had some good laughs. Snookie demonstrated his baseball sliding skills, and yes, Lunchbox fit under 2.0 Bolt!  We also found out that “going under” is much more exhausting than “going over”.  Wet and covered in cut grass, we moved on…

Thang 4: at the bottom bleacher, 30″ AMRAP quick toe taps (Blart’s favorite!).  20 X urkins. 30″ taps, 20 X plank alternating foot step ups, 30″ taps, 20 X plank alternating hand step ups, 30″ taps, 20 X Durkins.

Exhausted Mosey to a soccer field line for Thang 5: AMRAP 30″ line jumps each: 2 leg crouch jump forward/backward, single leg side to side (each),side to side plank hops (Thanks Squid).

Mosey to the flags for Thang 6: partner work: partner 1 runs about 150 yards to the parallel bars and crosses bars without feet touching the ground (shoulder burn out!). Run back to switch out with partner 2. Repeat laps X 4.  While waiting for the runner, the other partner picks up a dumbbell size of their choosing and performs AMRAP of:

  • bicep curls
  • overhead tricep lifts
  •  chest press
  • goblet squats

Mosey to Doublemint’s rope for Thang 7: tug of war X 2.  Keeping our footing was tough in the sandy wet grass. Lunchbox, Sparkles, and Purplerain proved to be the strongest on both pulls.

2 minutes left for Mary:

  • LBC IC X 20
  • American Hammer IC X 20

Hard stop right on time.

What a beautiful morning to spend with the Pax. YHC was happy to be able to use so many coupons in one hour.   We finished up the morning with: Count off, namearama, and a good discussion in the COT.  We discussed ways to recruit for F3, and keep the west side of Carterico running strong.  YHC closed us in prayer, thanking God for the plan that he has for all of us, and creating relationships that make us better.  We also prayed for whiteboots, and encouraged each other to reach out to him in support of an F3 brother.

It was a great morning!  I can’t thank Laettner enough for allowing me to Q and have some awesome fellowship with these fine men.

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