• When: 11/17/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Couch potato (respect), dash 8 (respect), Cooter, purple rain, lunchbox, Maytag, Birdman, sparkles, Sparky (FNG), Linus, hot lips, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams, Western Park

At 0610 The temperature gauge said 39°. Therefore, the Q broke out the man tights and put on 4 layers up top. The field of dreams AO is only about 10% shaded, and the sun was out in full effect. Two of those layers quickly came off after running around the AO for about 20 minutes.

YHC was very pleased to see that Cooter EH’ed a FNG this morning. We also had a couple of our military brothers (hot lips and Linus) that we only get to see on occasion due to their crazy schedules.  We had a countdown from 4 minutes, and dash8 rolled in, looking quite masculine today. I’m sure navy would’ve been disappointed.  After watching Birdman blow a few snot rockets, we had a hard start with the mosey around the community center with 2 stops for a Warmarama: hillbillies, air press, Frankenstein‘s, mountain climbers, and a Q original: reverse snow angels (they’re kind of like a couchpotato superman combined with a SSH).    We then  partnered up for a Maytag style run around the building. Each partner performed people‘s chair back to back, then ran opposite way around the building to complete a partner exercise: plank jump overs, Booyah merkins, and partner WW1.    After that, We headed over to the only set of stairs that we have at a western AO, besides CHS’s slippery bleachers. We partnered up for a Dora with a coupon. The partners completed together a set of 50 spider merkins, 100 plank jacks, 150 (?), and 200 SSH. While partner 1 exercised, partner 2 ran with a dumbbell across the road and up the set of stairs for five or 10 shoulder presses. Then back to trade out with partner 2.  After that, we headed over to the picnic table shelter for a little Burpee building. We completed sets of down-ups, Merkins, groiners, and squat jumps, with a step up and over 2 rows of picnic tables in between each set. Finally, we got to a full Burpee X 10, then a set of right leg Burpee‘s and left leg Burpee‘s. At this point, the mumble chatter was getting thick, and purple rain was burning too many calories by flapping his pie hole.  So, it was time to Move on. We struggled lining up across the football field for an over-only plank railroad.  At the sideline bleachers, the Q stole an idea from Navy at the mullet wrapper. We did three sets of alternating shoulder taps from flat ground to progressing derkin position on the bleachers. They proved to be quite wet and slippery but fortunately no one busted a shin. We then did a plank railroad back to the picnic tables with an under-only this time. There was a lot of bitching and moaning about the wet grass and most of the pax had to turn in their man card. Looking at the clock, the Q quickly led a mosey over to the baseball field / concession stand. There we completed a set of 11s with box squats (where your butt must touch the bleachers for accountability), and plank wall walk-ups IC. at this point, despite the cold, the sweat was rolling hard. We even had a wet Cooter, which might be worse than the sparkly Cooter that we had on Thursday. 👀   There was still time on the clock so we headed over to the Fenceline.  Someone pointed out that the Q lost the FNG, so he had to run back and redeem himself. The FNG was pushing hard, but hurting. He tries to encourage us to move on without him, but it was quickly explained that would not happen in F3!      The pax lined up tight along the fence with people‘s chair as we passed 4 dumbbells down the line, including five overhead presses each. The last man peeled off and headed to the front of the line to work our way down the Fence. After one set, only a couple minutes remained so we ran back to the flag for a few minutes of Mary: ab circles, heels to heaven, more reverse snow angels. HS 0800. 

Countoff, nameaRama, naming of FNG Sparky, and prayer requests. We went out in a BOM in prayer for our F3 brothers and their marriages/families. Many of us headed out to the coffeeteria afterwords for some good second F. It was another great morning of fellowship, and the sun sure felt good (much better than the dark rainy mornings this week).  Thank you lunchbox for handing over the keys to your awesome AO, where YHC showed up on a similar morning about a year and a half ago as an FNG.  F3 been a great journey to this point, and I’m looking forward to many more. 


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