• When: 02/28/19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Squid, The Second Mile, Plunger, Cooter, Shaft
  • AO: Back Blasts

Deebo put the call looking for an alternate and no one else seemed interested. I waited for others to pick up the slack on Slack but no takers. I gotcha Deebo. I knew Holiday was enjoying his 80+ degree weather in Florida and would not be with us. The Nantan was holding Court at Rotary so I knew most of the crowd would show there or a continuation of Purple Rain’s birthday Q’s at the Stone. The advantage of working in New Bern is you have an hour home to think about your Q and what you want to do.

YHC rolled into the parking lot to check out the conditions for today’s events. The fields had some dew but not enough to keep the men of F3 off them. YHC planted the flag and the men began to gather. Squid was the first and we found out he has decided to move to Beaufort where the workouts are harder and the vibe lively. The countdown was given 3, 2,1 and 4 men joined YHC, The Second Mile, Squid, Plunger and Cooter. I was hoping or a Monkey Wrench, or Ricardo someone who pick up the six who would also be the Q. The PAX looked a little anxious as they were asking if I was the Q. Thought it was Deebo? Don’t want an angry PAX so you better get going. 3 F’s given, mission statement and disclaimer and mosey toward the buses.


We were almost to our stopping point when a woman with a deep voice rolled their window down and yelled “Hey Ronnie B”. I don’t know any women in mini SUV’s. Circle up for SSH’s x 20 IC, when out of the shadows came shaft. I thought he drove a truck. Sun Gods x 10 each way, Windmills x 15 IC and 3 burpees for Shaft being late again. His excuse was he got help up taking tools out of his pockets.  I believe he is wearing the same pants that he wore a little over two years ago when I started.

Mosey to the other part of the parking lot for Cotton Pickers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15 and Good mornings x 10. PAX was asking Q if he spent a lot of time in Raleigh? I guess that is where they originated. Thanks Au Jus.


Forrest to the Sea, using the first two tennis courts, Bear Crawl 5 burpees Crab Walk the rest. Work your way back and forth 4, 3, 2, 1 burpee. Mosey to the band Field for a modified BOMBS. YHC told PAX to partner up and the assignment was given. Partner A would do exercise, while Partner B would run to the other side of the field and back. Exercises were 25 Burpees, 50 Over head Claps, 75 Merkins, 100 Big Boy Sit Ups and 125 Squats. Mosey to the bench’s past the pull up bars for some leg and shoulder work. 20 Prisoners Squats SC, 20 Dips SC, 20 Step Ups IC, Earkins x 20 SC, Box Jumps x 20 SC and Derkins x 20 SC. Palate Cleanser around the brick classroom building. Rinse and Repeat and then Rinse and Repeat again.


Mosey to the flag for one round of Big Sexy Pickle Pounders x 15 IC, Boss Tweed x 15 IC and Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

American hammer x 20 IC

LBC’s x 10 IC




Cooter took us out with prayers for John Jenkins and  Laettner and his family

Thanks men for letting me lead and encouraging the Q. A small intimate group sometimes is the best. T-Claps for showing.

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