• When: 10/24/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Ponch (respect), Navy (respect), dash8 (respect), frank n beans (respect respect), rerun, Cheech, purple rain, Dumpster Dog, burnout, Kiwi, Princess, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Croatan High School, Rolling Stone

It was not a typical Thursday morning at the Rolling Stone. Dumpster Dog‘s truck pulled into the parking lot. 👀  Then, Kiwi showed up four minutes before hard start 👀, and he was wearing a long sleeve shirt! 👀👀👀. Not to be distracted by the stranger things, The Q called a hard start at 0530. A quick mission statement and disclaimer were given, then we went right into a short warmarama: Hillbillies 10, chinooks 10 each, and active hamstring stretch (which was the Q’s best attempt to get some mumble chatter out of purplerain. We quickly got up and ran to the west side wall of the auditorium; Australian Mountain climbers IC 10, followed by wall bridge mountain climbers IC 10. Rinse and repeat. We moseyed to the front entrance of the school for a little push/pull: Copperhead squats 10, single leg bridges 10 each, double wide Merkins and diamond merkins 10 each, Y T and arrow 10 each. We ran to the north side of the school and set up picnic tables for two rounds of 15 Durkin‘s and 15 bench bridges, with up and over the picnic tables in between. Rinse and repeat. Then a short mosey to the hill: backpedal up the hill, 15 Bobby Hurley‘s, run down the hill, 15 hand release Merkins. Rinse and repeat. To complete the loop around the school, we ran past the greenhouse and back to the flag on the south side. At this point, the Q explained that there were a series of exercises on papers placed around the perimeter of the parking lot in the shape of a U. The pax would do three Burpee‘s, run to perform the first exercise then run back for three Burpee‘s…Then run to the second exercise and run back to the flag for three Burpee‘s… There were eight exercises to complete. Stronger runners would stay on the perimeter, and non-runners could cut the corner back to the flag each time. When all had completed the eight exercises and the six was swept up, the Q realized there was time to spare. Off to the gym wall for two more sets of Australian mountain climbers and wall bridge mountain climbers.   Four minutes left on the clock to run back to the flag for a little Mary: reverse snow angels 10, alternating leg bridges 10, and hand release Merkins until a hard stop. Announcements were made of a busy work out and social calendar coming up over the next couple of weeks. There were a few prayer request for families that are hurting or concerned about family medical issues as of this morning, and we went out in prayer for the Lord’s comfort and using us to show his love.

It was another great morning of sweat and fellowship with F3. To make sure that Birdman didn’t waste his time posting dozens of GIFs, the Q made sure that plenty of “pull” was mixed in with our typical “push”. Too bad Birdman was nowhere to be seen today.🤷‍♂️   Also credit is due to Navy for introducing the “bridge” to F3. The Q tried to wear the bridge out this morning and will probably pay for that later.

Always enjoy the opportunity Princess! We appreciate all that you do for the stone and the pax  on Thursdays.


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