• When: 07/02/19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Creflo, Depends, Flanders, Crow Bar, Wilson, Denver, Dizzy, Holiday Mansion Turnpike
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC got the call from Holiday that he needed a fill in for the B. I know he has had his hands full lately and was happy to oblige. The pre-blast went out and Creflo was quick to try and hijack my Q. He stated something about a Q school he attended and alerted me to an FNG. Now it was time to figure things out. I did my best Tonya impression and made up a work out in my head on the drive home. Time to sleep easy…not really, I still wake up 15 minutes early afraid that I will over sleep. YHC arrived on sight early but never early enough to beat Wilson. Cones were laid out halfway across the short end of the soccer field and waited for the rest. Flanders was next and I was sure this is the FNG Creflo told us about, no not Flanders. It surely must be Crow Bar, last time I saw him was on a milk carton. Denver showed with his 2.0 FNG. Creflo with his FNG and Holiday Mansion squeezed in with about 2 minutes to spare. Don’t worry Turnpike was there you just don’t know it. He is probably the only guy who talks less than Kiwi.

With 2 FNG’s present the countdown was given, the 3 F’s explain, a perfect mission statement and a full complement of disclaimers about getting hurt and suing those at fault. Creflo said it’s the first time he has heard those disclaimers. We might want to say them more often.  Let’s mosey.


We made our way to the North side of the parking lot, where the roads come together. SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Abe Vigodas x 10. Mosey past the QAR group to where we parked for  Cotton Pickers x 10, Stretching L to the R and R to the L, because Creflo requested it and some downward dog and Cobra


Welcome to the Campbell Soup workout or MMM, MMM Good. PAX would start on the side of the soccer field. We would wait for Holiday to quit complaining about wearing his A shoes and Creflo reminding the Q Anchor B is held on a perfectly dry parking lot. The PAX would do 7 merkins, run to the middle for 7 monkey humpers in cadence and run to the other end line for 7 monkey crunchers. Coming back we would do 6 of each but run backwards to each station. You get it forward, backward, forward, backward etc.. PAX worked down to 1 and moved to the picnic tables.

Earkins x 20, Step Ups x 20 IC, Dips x 20 and Prisoner Squats x 20 followed with a mosey to the tree of life and back. 2nd round doing 15 with a tree of life mosey, 3rd round 10 each with a tree mosey. Got to get some miles in for Duck Butter.

Back to the soccer field for half a field of Lt Dan’s. This was a clever way to get the PAX to pick up my cones and drop them off at the flag.


LBC’s x 20 IC, American Hammers x 10 IC followed by some stretching demanded by Creflo. He is one tough site Q.

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