• When: 03/22/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Pillbox (Respect), Birdman, Halftime
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC was so excited to see that it wasn’t raining this morning. I’m sure everyone can relate to that if you live in eastern NC.  I knew that the numbers would be low at the Mullet Wrapper this morning, because three of our veterans (Purple Rain, Griswald & Couch Potato (Respect) Are running enough for everyone at the Palmetto run in SC. Good luck fellas!!  Anyway, we are going to have a great work out with the few that started rolling in to the AO.  The always dependable Pillbox (Respect) & Navy (Respect) were the first to arrive followed by Birdman & Halftime. And, Hard Start… A flawless disclaimer and mission statement was given by YHC. Time to start the Warm a Rama!

Warm a Rama

We took a mosey around the park and circled up three times to complete…

Windmill x10, Hairy Rockettes x10, Sun Gods x10 forward and x10 reverse, Hillbillies x15

The Thang

While using the back parking lot, we performed “Land and Sea”.  Bear crawl to the first set of bleachers, LBCs x20, Crab claw to the sign, Merkins x20, Bear crawl to the light pole LBCs x20 and repeat for a total of 40 Merkins and 40 LBCs. Mosey…

The park has a circuit training area, it’s small, but we can have fun with that anyway. We would each start with a different exercise consisting of setups, back lifts, pull-ups, bicycle and chest press. Each PAX would spend one minute doing as many reps as they could before rotating to the next exercise. Mosey…

At the picnic tables, I told everyone to pick a table and climb on top on their six. Time to bust some abs! Heels to Heaven x15, LSF x15, WW1 x15, Dips x25 and repeat! It never fails, ab workouts seem to bring out the best in us…  or maybe I should say the worst smell in us!  Now, we have to mosey…

YHC has been dying to use the skate park, so we entered the skate park to perform 11’s.  On one end, using the ramps, we performed Plank Jacks with your feet halfway up the ramp and hands on the ground. This definitely made Plank Jacks harder. At the other end we performed Erkins halfway up the ramp. Mosey back to the picnic tables for one more round of Dips x25. Mosey to the flag for Mary. PAX choice: Pillbox was up first, he chose the dying cock roach and somehow I think he got caught in a zone and we ended up doing like 500 of these things. It was more like 50 but I stopped counting around 35 or so. I think I blacked out for a second or two. But, who knows! I do remember Navy (Respect) shouting at him saying, “What the heck is wrong with you man!” We continued with PAX choice performing Oblique crunches, WW1s, Monkey Humpers and Copperhead Squats which lead us to a Hard Stop! Fantastic job guys!!

Count, Name a Rama, Announcements  about our fellow brothers in the Palmetto Run and the upcoming merger in Jacksonville. Prayer request for Laettner’s M and Frostedflake’s family were talking as Pillbox (Respect) lead us in a heartfelt prayer. Thanks buddy!

A special thank you to Dumpster Dog for allowing me the honor to lead these men today. As always, I’m thankful for each and every F3 member and proud to be a part of this wonderful group. Have a great weekend everyone!!



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