This morning YHC was joined by 2 PAX he knew well, and 2 PAX that he was meeting for the first time! 5:30 Hard Start, the Ruckers started out on the Brandywine Loop, proud of Bambard for doing his thang!

Ricardo decided that he could actually post after doing something the night before and mentioned about how easy rucking looked. YHC listened as he just jogged right on by Ricardo and the Hashers! Great group of men out for sure.

Au Jus instructed YHC that he was going to wait for the 6 (Quagmire) to arrive from Beaufort and then catch up. Feeling like he may get lost, the PAX turned around to pick them up (slow them down), and then continue on the journey around the loop. Great conversations were had between Wilson and Navy and YHC and his two new made brothers. Wilson led a couple of short jog/mosey’s to help keep us on our time goal.

Congrats to Quagmire on getting married! Hope the weather was perfect for your day man. It was great getting to talk with ya and Au Jus. Cutting through the back way to get to the parking lot, the PAX circled up for a few exercises before calling it a day. Double Taps, Burpees, Wide Merkins, Copperhead Squats, LBC’s and Monkey Humpers were a few of the exercises called.

Beautiful morning to ruck. Prayer Request for Quagmire and his now Bride and their marriage, Blart’s M, and others. YHC led in prayer. Thanks for letting me fill in for ya Reef Donkey. Hate ya missed it! As always, it was a pleasure to lead.


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