Arrival early YHC gave a 25-second warning just in time to disclaim and run off to start the thing to be done


1/4 mile
Warm a Rama
1/4 mile

Set 1

Merkin position
10x Thrust legs to hands
30 MC IC

60 sec Back to Post, Squats position arms out
10 x jump squats on for 10 sec in last one

10 single leg squats
Repeat each lag
30 sec Sprint in place leaning forward

10 Steps ups arms overhead
Repeat each leg
10 lateral lunges to left
Repeat each way

Rinse and repeat the entire set

Cleansing lap around Fort Benny

Set 2

10x One leg on the bench and down, squat touching ground. Hold 1 sec
Repeat each lag
Post wall Squat arm straight out 60 secs

20 x Walking lung arms overhead
10 burpees

30* MC IC
10* Single leg hops

20* lunges backwards arms straight out
30 sec Sprint in placed

PAX Choice Mary

No announcements made

Ron B took the PAX out in some sort of BOM or COT

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