In the gloom, YHC was joined by several other pax for a little stroll in the gloom. Everyone was doing their individual German stretching techniques to prevent injury and prepare to show of our speed. The clock struck 5:30 and disclaimer with route instructions were given to all. Watches were set and off we went…

All ventured down towards the bridge passing Lassie’s house while he was fartsacking. Over the bridge we went, Knotty head gong all the way to the circle, and back to the college. Upon return to the flag the following was logged for mileage…

Knotty Head- 4.5 miles

Flip, Ramses, Bucky, Laetner, Paisley, Crabby Englishman- 4 miles

Bongwa – 3 miles

Announcements- Hero Patriot and FOD on Saturday, Gordy Lee on Sunday

Laetner took us out in prayer.

It is always an honor to lead

I am Third

Crabby Englishman

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