With perfect weather YHC pulled into the parking lot of the Dock House to host the Stampede back where it all began for the first time in several months. As time ticked away to about 3 minute warning, YHC thought he would be posting solo. About a minute later Bunyon came jogging in and then two cars pulled in, Bucky (posting for second time, he was a FNG yesterday, T-Claps) and Knotty Head. Greetings were exchanged and disclaimer and purpose , route were given to the pax. Watches were set and off we went heading West down Front Street turning around at the cul-de-sac and headed East down Front Street headed for the Boat House. All Pax remained together until we hit the post office. About this time Knotty Head and Bunyon were having a conversation while picking up their pace and Bucky close behind. YHC was pushing my normal pace to faster than usual but it was not enough to stay with the others. Down the winding road we went, thru the pockets of darkness and avoiding the potholes and greeting the morning walkers. All the way to the stop sign at the Boat house and back down the road until reaching the flag. A strong effort by all pax today. All pax ran 4.7 miles in the gloom.

Announcements- Hero Patriot with Gilligan tomorrow. Knotty Head is participating in the Tuna Run on October 21st and is looking for two people to join his team. If interested reach out to him please.

YHC took us out in prayer with BOM.

As always a pleasure to lead these men.

Crabby Englishman out.

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