Three minute warning…9 men were stretching and ready when a streak of white z71 came plowing through the parking lot just in time for the hard start at 0525 per dreadnought regulation. Pasqually joined us for a couple of warmup laps around the track to get the blood and lungs pumping. Deebo noted the lack of mumble chatter. The mood was serious this morning as we watched the clouds streak by above.  We circled up in the tire pit for warmarama: SSH IC x 10, windmill IC x 10, cotton picker IC x 10 and some stretching.

Next, we split into two teams of 5. YHC and Second mile were named captains. Second Mile’s team went back for another trip around the track including a bleacher snake, while our team circled up for the thang:

  1. Tire flips across the field to get the water and critters out.
  2. Tire chest press SC x 10
  3. Derkins on the tire SC x 10
  4. Tire squats SC x 10
  5. Toe touches on the tire SC x 20
  6. Tire Lunges SC x 10 each leg

Second Mile’s group returned reporting the bleachers were treacherous this morning so Omaha was called on the bleacher snakes. They took our places with the tires and we were off for another lap. With our lap complete, we grabbed a concrete block and joined the other team as they finished their lunges and took off for another lap.

This round added the blocks to the above exercises:

  1. Tire chest press SC x 10
  2. Derkins on the tire SC x 10
  3. Tire squats SC x 10
  4. Toe touches on the tire SC x 20
  5. Tire Lunges SC x 10 each leg
  6. Block bicep curl to chest press to tricep curl behind the head back to the ground was 1. We did 10.

Team 2 came back from their lap right on time. They were given a warm welcome and the tires and blocks. We were off for another lap.

Each team completed three rounds and we all met at the pullup bars. Deebo led a round of planking while we waited for the others to arrive. YHC led some reverse plank leg extensions.

All together again and partnered up we got in 5 sets of 3 pull ups followed by 5 sets of 3 dips. Next up, we all mounted the pullup bars and enjoyed a 10 count hang-out while holding the up part of the pullup. That went well, so we did it two more times. Short mosey around the building to a wall for people’s chair. Each man gave a 10 count for Misty, who was absent this morning… rumored to be out of town. Mosey through the woods for a change of scenery to the shovel flag for namarama, announcements, and COT.

YHC took us out with a verse from the word and a prayer:

2 Timothy 1:7

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.”



Hurricane party at Gertrude’s house tonight

Bayliner and Rameses were given new names this morning: Batman and Robin

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