• When: 3/28/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Navy, Laettner, Lunchbox, Buttoncap, Lady Bug, Ron Burgundy, Purple Rain
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Prometheus

YHC was super excited to wake up as I knew that the cold was finally going away.  While pulling in the parking lot several cars were already there.  They were also standing in the parking lot, it has been a while since the PAX got out before the workout actually began due to the weather, but today was perfect.  Mission Statement, Disclaimer given and off to trek the EI bridge.

The bridge is not wide so everyone partnered up for the trek up and the 2nd F began.  About half way up and someone comes straggling up to catch up with us.  It was Navy which pumped me up, as I had heard of this fellow but not had the pleasure yet.  Doing good on time as we finished the bridge, we took a break from the rucking for some excercises using our rucks as weight.  A check of the watch and time to head back.  On the way back Lunchbox decided to play a little frogger with the cars, that is the fastest I have seen him move with a 30lb pack.

Announcements: Lunchbox 1 year anniversary Q at FOD this week, come one com all

We took Prayer Requests and then Laettner led us out.

I do not often do the ruck but every time I do I really enjoy the fellowship with the other PAX and today was not different, thanks for letting me lead Button and look forward to many more workout with these men.

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